Friday, February 22, 2013

Sake Coasters for my friend

The sake coasters for my best friend are done :)

Since she also likes cats, the backing is cat fabric :D
This was my first time to hear the words "I want it!!" from her soon after she saw the pic, I am honored to send them to her. She lately enjoys Japanese Sake, many kinds - it's just like wine -, so the fabric really caught her I believe.

I realized that binding process takes more time than piecing and quilting for this kind of small project! I was wondering the coasters like this are often sold at around $20 and feeling the price is too high. BUT, I now agree, it is time consuming.

I am now preparing for making some sets of Japanese place mats since they are out of stock. It's fun :D :D

Sounds we in VA are going to have miserable weather this afternoon and tomorrow. I'm glad I don't have a class. Homework? YES, though.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!