Friday, February 01, 2013

School days

This semester is much better (less busy) than the last semester, SO FAR. So, I have time to do something with quilting!

I've been enjoying communicating with Japanese quilters through Twitter lately! Since I started to make quilts after moving in the USA, I do not know what quilting world in Japan like. I did not know what a quilt is until moving in here. And, I thought they are still doing all work by hand, but I have learned many are interested in machine quilting! So, I'm enjoying taking video to show them how I quilt since they said there are not many machine quilting classes over there, and tuition is so expensive. I am a self-taught quilter. I thought I can help them, then :)

This semester, I'm taking 2 English classes, literature and composition, the second part of psychology, and "acting for the camera." What I learn from them are somehow linked to my daily life, not like math or bio. It requires creativity. And, watching the professors is interesting as well as taking their classes. One is an actor, another is a journalist, movie director, and.... how can I describe about the PSY professor?? He is mellow like a general grandpa, but his reputation in the college is "a naughty boy" according to my history professor and her secretary.

Speaking of history professor, I miss her a lot. I think I really enjoyed learning history, any kind. I do not have to take history classes anymore for my degree, but it sounded interesting when she talked about an excellent professor who teaches only the civil war. Thanks to learning American history, I learned about Japan as well.

"Acting for the camera"! I consulted with my faculty adviser, and she agreed it would be a good class for me to take in order to gain confidence to speak in front of people. The general purpose of this class is to learn how to act for the camera, all of my other classmates desire to have a job in entertainment industry. It is interesting to learn how movies are made, about role of directors, actors, cameramen, photographers, and editors. I had a few opportunities of a little acting so far, and I will have to be in a camera acting in the next class.... the script was already handed, I need to analyze who the person is, where the person is, what was the situation the person in before the scene that I act. Creative work, isn't it?

Anyway, today is my youngest nephew's birthday!

According to my sister-in-law, he will quit from being a girl after his birthday. Ha-ha. I appreciate her for keeping them happy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Mine will be so, as usual :D