Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trash to Treasure

On the actual Valentine's day, R gave me this.

I did not even think of hesitation to shoot out from my mouth that "I don't like this! UGLY!!" in front of him for my first sight. I felt very, very sorry for him to get a reaction from me with such an evil words, after I said that.

It's because! I thought he picked it up at somewhere because it was so ugly, to me it is so ugly, I am so sorry for those who might like this..., BUT he actually bought this at Wal-mart paying $1.97!!!!!!

I KNOW he does not like to spend money for something "stupid" or "junks." And I KNOW THIS is the "stupid" thing based on OUR definition of "stupid."

The problem is that I did not know that fact and I was almost throwing it away on the next garbage day. Luckily, we went to Wal-mart together before the garbage day, and I discovered the same ugly "LOVE" thing there!

Can you imagine a punch I got when I actually discovered it at Wal-mart?

So, I asked him, "....... Did you buy that ugly thing here....?" and, he said, ""

So, I asked him again, "Did you REALLY paid $1.97 plus taxes to get this ugly thing?!," he said "yeah..."

So, I said "WOW........."

Can you image how embarrassed I was when I heard it?!

I apologized him so many times and appreciated him for being out of his way to get this ugly (sorry, but it is still ugly) thing for me. I know he won't go to Wal-mart without reasons. It means he just went to Wal-mart to look for something for me, since he did not get any reply from me what I want, I do not know what I want because I do have enough things for my daily life, he must have looked around something special and compromised with the ugly thing. I think he first looked food and daily goods for me because I get excited for those. I like something practical. I prefer food than flowers....

So, it now became one of my treasure and is hanging down on the banister.

Thank you so much :D :D :D :D :D