Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Critical thinking?
About society?
Most importantly, about yourself. It will make your life much better when you see yourself critical. No doubt.

What I would like to bring up is that my professor's way to conduct the class!
My professor of ENG112 does not her job properly at all! She does not do what she said in the class or the schedule made in advance at all! She expects us waiting all day for her assignments or whatever messages from her through the BlackBoard as if we have nothing else to do. She post the assignments 24 hours before the due and expects us to get them done and bring it to the class on the next day!

She also never reply to the emails! I already complained about these twice, but she does not try to improve her way. She introduced herself at the first class, she is a journalist and teaching at NOVA is her part time job. I don't care if it is her part time job or not, what I want is the serious attitude toward the class. I'm paying for the class, I'm not paying for her ambivalent attitude for the class. She decided to teach the class; she is responsible for the class.

And what if we do not follow her way??? It affects our grades!

I really cannot believe this that an "JOURNALIST" can do this kind of sloppy job. I'm really disappointed about her.