Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Joke

Every morning,
R gets up first, and
S comes down to the kitchen with her kitties, and
the kitties jump all over, and
they make all kinds of noises.

Then, S & R sit at the kitchen table, and
start talking.

Sometimes it sounds like they are getting into an argument,
but with a laugh, so probably just exchanging opinions
about an article on the Washington Post, or
about the movie they just watched last night
while I was quilting.

Then, I get out of bed with these happy noises.

When I come up to the kitchen,
R smiles and says “Welcome to today!” and
S says “Good morning!” reading the newspaper, and
I will be ready for enjoying today as well as yesterday.


This morning,
I did not hear my favorite noises, but my nose.

I’ve got a COLD!

My Spring break before the summer class is
ONLY a week!

This must be a joke.