Monday, May 06, 2013


My ENG professor said to me when I visited his office :
“ I see you are bumping and hitting the walls around you
and struggling through your papers.
You have many good thoughts in your head,
but do not know how to compose it.
I can see the struggle :)”

Both of my ENG professors suggest us to show our paper
to someone to receive comments before turning it in.
One give us extra points when we do that,
and other one often make us criticize on classmate’s paper
by peer evaluation in class or online
so that we can find grammatical errors,
disorganized ideas or paragraphs,
if the argument is consistent or not, etc.

I always take my paper to wiring center and
ask R and S to read my papers
for fixing writing errors, and
rephrase where does not make sense or
not understandable to readers.
This practice is very good to find other perspectives and
reorganize the argument.

Last night, I had to do the peer critique of my classmate’s essay.
It was online, so I download her essay from the Black Board, and
showed the essay to R also.

At the end of the essay, R started to laugh
saying “She got this whole section from somewhere.
It’s not her writing. I can see it.”

I was so scared by these two events
realizing how writing reveal about the writers.

A Book is a big thing,
it’s a long essay described an author’s thoughts.
We can see the author’s personality,
how things are perceived through the literature.

That is the interesting part of reading,
but the same thing can be said for emails and letters.
( and blog as well...)
Everytime I email to my friends,
they can see what I am really thinking by their analyses
- well, that is why maybe they stay with me - :-p

Isn’t this scary???

If you do not want people to find out
what kind of person you are,
then, just shut up! is the best solution.

BUT, then, how can I communicate with my friends
being quiet....

Anyway, I’m glad my friends hasn’t left me YET
after reading my writing.....
I’m kind of embarrassed tho....

Just be careful, I guess.
(and I know I will forget this soon
and embarrass myself again and again...)