Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A New Rotary Cutter

At the QU Quilt Show, S discovered a new model of rotary cutter and got it for me saying "Make your life easier, Kyoko..."

After working (only) one day at a Quilt Shop, I seriously realized this new rotary cutter is great to make cutting easier. This rotary cutter is from MARTELLI, and the product's page is here.

I think the standard size of American tables and kitchen sinks are higher than Asian's one because their bodies are larger. That makes Asians, who have smaller body structures, harder to work on them.

I have a few rotary cutters from Olfa, the common yellow handle ones, and had not thought of hardness of cutting on a higher table until the new rotary cutter came into my life! It really releases tiredness of my shoulder and my thumb while cutting fabrics.

I noticed a pain in my left thumb, I am left-handed, maybe 6 months or more ago, but I thought it would be caused by my iron. When I need to use steam, I had to push the steam button on the iron which need to be pushed hard by a thumb. I stopped to push the steam button and am using a external splay - a normal splay - instead, but the pain did not completely go away.

I was not paying attention to the pain seriously since it was not a major problem while wondering what is the cause of it. Yesterday. After cutting a lot of fabrics, the pain greatly grew! I am still not certainly sure what the cause is, but I am certainly sure that the new rotary cutter will help to release my pain.

I decided to take the rotary cutter to my work - I will not leave it there since I use it at home, though.

And, here is my purchase of fabrics at the show.
I love woven fabrics! These FQ were good price :)

And, for my future project - Japanese Chidori Quilt.

The yellow flower fabric was previously purchased at my local fabric store when it was on sale. It will be a backing. The batiks are for sashes, and the fabric for main part would be purchased at ... Suzzie's quilt shop, I think, since I already found a good one for the quilt there :)

FUN :D :D :D