Saturday, June 15, 2013

QU Quilt Show 05

The 5th post of the show.
Hope you enjoy it :)


Tomorrow is Sunday, already!
Time just flies. I need 36 hrs/day and a strong body to go through the day.

I have an exam of biology next week.
The more I learn about cells and the bodies of creatures on this earth the more it makes me believe God is here. Our bodies are so well made, but like a computer programming, one small error can mess up a whole body system.


By the way, speaking of God, I am thinking to take a class of Christianity in the next semester. The class is not about God or Jesus, it is about the history of Christianity. Religion is interesting. Before today's law is established, religion was the law. It controlled people's morality, life, and everything. It creates all kinds of prejudice, and prejudice and assumption based on prejudice creates wars. I want to believe in humanity than God.

Hope you have a nice Sunday!