Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Japanese Kitty Quilt

I made a quilt with Japanese kitties fabric probably around the beginning of this semester. Each kitty is playing with a Japanese traditional thing. Size is approx. 62 x 63 inches, it is square. Most of the fabrics used for the top was imported from Japan.

Backing is batiks in navy blue.

Before cutting the panel of cats. One panel contains 24 kinds of kitties :)

Making rice cake kitty, playing with Sakura kitty, playing with a big ring (usually placed at a shrine or a temple where people pray) kitty, calling prosperity kitty, flying the ocean to catch a fish kitty, and dancing with the moon drinking kitty.

Playing with dragonflies kitty, being in part of a family emblem kitty, leading a festival kitty, dreaming of fish kitty, calligraphy kitty, and playing with snow kitty.

Praying good health to the moon with rice cakes (one of the Japanese traditional festival in September), Relaxing with a baby kitty kitty, Coin bank kitty, Trying to catch a moon kitty, Drinking in Hyotan (calabash used as a container to store alcohol) and playing kitty, honored kitty who caught a tai (expensive big fish used for cereblation).

Playing a drum kitty, enjoying the moon in a family kitty, calling money kitty, playing with music kitty, enjoying flying kite kitty, and trying to play with a little fish kitty :)

This quilt is available at etsy. Hope someone enjoy it :)