Friday, June 06, 2014

Charity Quilts

People leave all kinds of quilt blocks, fabrics, and other crafty materials on a giveaway table. I collect fabrics that can be used for charity quilts from there. I can learn American color schemes and trends (could be an old trend) through this activity by checking what people have (had) and playing with colors that is not my taste. It's a good practice of coloring.

Since the fabrics on a giveaway table are usually not my taste, I seldom have good fabrics that can go with them. It's actually hard to make a quilt with limited colors. I often think "If I could buy some fabrics to coordinate with these, it is so easy." But making charity quilts without buying fabrics is my rule.

I used to donate batting, but actually Quilters Unlimited gave me a big roll of batting recently.

I most of the time make quilts for kids so that I can enjoy different worlds one after another.

So, here are 4 charity quilts recently made out of materials from a giveaway table.

I collected blocks in similar color saturation and made each block's size to the same size, and added borders to them. I mimicked my friend's color scheme for this one :)

Blue borders.

Quilters Unlimited gave away packs of 5" charms. I think many members used them for a charity quilt.

Pastel Quilt.

My most favorite among them is the black border one.
It took a while, but I enjoyed making it very much.

Be happy, and be productive! :D