Sunday, August 31, 2014

Japanese Custom Quilt

The custom quilt ordered the end of June is done!
The customer sent me most of the materials except batting.
Since I do not have much time for piecing, I really enjoy making a top. I think I still like quilting better than piecing, though.

Here are picture of the front of the quilt.

And, the backing - was pieced with 9 tenugui.

Japanese people in the Edo period...

Japanese indigo fabrics always dye my hands :)


Total 80 blocks.

I added some indigo fabric made in US that looks like Japanese fabric since there were not enough from the customer's supply.

Pieced backing :D
Since some tenugui have a unique large pattern, I could not cut it to adjust the size... So the backing was eventually treated as a top. I made the top slightly larger than the backing.

Completed top.

Quilt sandwich - ready for quilting.

Middle of quilting. I do it with a regular sewing machine. It was heavy to move the sandwich around.

Attaching a binding tape.

Completed & ready to ship.

I made 8 coasters as well with small leftover pieces.
5" wide x 40" long, and it was divided by 8.

Binding tape attached. I bound it during the trip to Niagara Falls :D

It was a really exciting job! Thank you so much!!

Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend :)