Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alphabet Quilt Fabric set

It had been more than a year since a fabric set of my Japanese alphabet (Hiragana) quilt went out of stock, and finally I made 6 of them during this weekend. I received some inquiries from my customers about it last year, but they were not strongly interested in purchasing it soon, and it is "really" time consuming to cut 50 assorted blocks, it took more than a year to list it in my etsy shop again. The beginning of this year, I had 2 ladies who determined to purchase. So, here they are.

I usually make many of them when I make. This time, only 6…,

but, I cut a lot of extra blocks for making a process easier the next time of making the set.
The blocks on your right side in the box are for Korean alphabet quilts, and for Japanese alphabet quilts on your left.

Dark color fabrics for alphabets.

It is always hard to find light orange fabrics and dark rusty (between red and orange) fabrics. I did online shopping for fabrics for the set this weekend since I found some sales. I hope the fabrics colors are what I expected. Usually, I receive some in my order that the colors are very different from what I thought, and end up taking them to "free for a good home" table at my quilting bee, or use them for charity quilts.

Well, I need to make room for the new fabrics that would be delivered this week.


So, we are expecting a snow storm tomorrow. I am ready for staying at home, especially I am very ready for not going to an evening class tomorrow & a morning class Tuesday morning! Assignments for the classes are done, but it is always nice to stay at home. I LOVE a day that I can stay home all day long being in pajama and do whatever I have to do.

Hope you have a nice week!