Saturday, May 21, 2016

Graduation Ceremony for Seniors.

Tomorrow is a graduation day for seniors. Since I started to study at Hollins, they were always somewhere around on campus, and I always had people who I can ask questions about Hollins. If I need to go to the registration office, they just took me to there until I am familiar with the campus. We call ourselves "Hollins sisters" and pass kindness and care to people to people. I will probably unconsciously look for my seniors after they leave the university and would take a while to get used to a life without them.

For a graduation gift, I made 10 sets of 4 coasters that has their graduation year on it.

Green and yellow are Hollins color.

I made drawstrings bags that go with the coasters as well.

This is what my seniors receive :)

I really appreciate their support during last year. As they did for me, I will help new students who start coming to Hollins - One of the wonderful traditions of Hollins.

Congratulations! They made it! Their future is bright. I wish them a lot of good luck on their new journey.