Saturday, July 16, 2016

Indigo Dye Experience (2)


Tools and Soy wax.

First, we draw patterns on the front side of freezing paper, and ironed the coated side on fabric.

And traced from the back side with melted soy wax.

After dyed, soy wax was easy to be removed by washing in hot water.
It was an interesting experience, and I now understand why batik fabrics are expensive.

So, I got some materials from GoodWill that would be able to use for future dye. It would be fun.

Tomatoes are finally ready to crop :) and we are enjoying them everyday.

These Japanese pumpkins will be ready around R's birthday.

Since they came out from kitchen garbage that I buried last summer, I do not know how I can save the seeds for next year. I guess I should bury it as it is, or just hope them grow next year from kitchen waste again.