Thursday, December 22, 2016

I am really DONE with Fall 2016.

Winter Break!! - though, I have one paper to write for practicing of writing a research paper.

The fall semester ended on Dec 14 with good grades :) I appreciate the professors who worked with me this semester.

My new challenges from this semester were Chemistry + lab, as prerequisite for Human Physiology, and Critical Thinking. I had never taken any chemistry class in my whole life so I studied during the summer break the first 3 chapters of the chemistry book that is used in the class. I am glad I did that. Otherwise, I would not have been able to keep up with the materials. I now know the precious value of a periodic table. I feel the same kind of appreciation from a scientific view from a periodic table as which from view of humanity from a buddha statue. It has a LOT in it.

Critical Thinking was different. Since it goes under philosophy, the essays we analyzed and critiqued were "God Existence," "Ethical Relativism," and "Meaning of Life" written by philosophers. The professor told us to not discuss about the materials outside of the class and to not take papers to the writing center. He promised to help write our essays by going back and forth through email with him. I sent him my drafts many times before dues.

He said students earned a good grade from this class can take his metaphysics class (300 level) next semester. I am interested in it, but taking it would not be a good idea since I have my thesis, human physiology (meant for biology major, not an introductory), and culture and geology. I anyway need one 4 credits class to be a full-time student, though.

So, I have 2 semesters left until obtaining a B.S., and have to think about after graduation. People talk about a graduate school a lot, and I am thinking about that, too. Not sure what I want to do yet, R says "You still have a year. Take a year off and do volunteer. You would find something." Hope it becomes true.

A short semester called J-term begins Jan. 2nd. We have a whole month to do something different from regular classes. I went to Rome last year. This year, I am working on my thesis since it requires to put in 12 credits, 4 from J-term, 8 from Spring and Fall. Then, the Spring begins Feb 1st. Time will fly again.

I am looking forward to be graduating, but at the same time, I am not. It is tough to keep going to school, but I like to feel at every end of semesters that I am a different person from 4 months ago. It is too bad that I have only 2 mores semesters to experience this feeling.


At last, below are some of my favorite pictures I took this year.

* Plants taking over buildings *

* Baby become independent *

* Different kinds of bees share the resource without fighting *

* Okura Flowers *

* A day R was not at home when I got home *

* Wild Flower *

* Sleeping Bees in the morning of early fall *

* Bee and Marigold *

* One morning at Hollins University Playground *