Friday, December 23, 2016


This year, I literally had too many marigolds bloomed. They were planted to help prevent bug problems to my vegetables, but they just went to too wild.

I did not know marigolds can be tea and is used for natural dye. One day, when I held up uncontrollable bushes of marigold, I noticed nice fragrance and found they are useful more than for my vegetables.

So, I started to pick up flowers. They kept booming one after another until the middle November.

They were dried completely, and petals and seeds were separated.

Now, I have so many dried marigolds flowers, which would take forever to separate petals and seeds.

I wonder if the seeds will germinate. The color of the seeds looks lighter than ones on the market. If they do not germinate, I do not have to worry about cutting petals off from the seeds and just boil them together when I dye fabric. If they germinate, I am much more than welcome to share the seeds with anyone who want them.

I hope I can have time to dye fabric very soon!