Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sea and Human Civilization - Snood story

Thought of making something with my favorite yarns that were stored for a long years.
I see snood is now a trend and looked easy to make, so started it. I thought the multiple colors yarn as human civilization and the blue yarn as ocean.

First, built ocean, and human civilization on it. I thought the colors of the yarn depicted various human activities such as architectures, literature, arts, blood, ground, right & wrong, love, politics, etc, etc.

When the human part became long, I got excited to see "orders" which is one of the human natures. But, I think another human nature, hierarchy, is missing. Anyway closed with another ocean (the other side).

The colors were perfect (to me), but when it was completed, "ocean" was too bulky and heavy when I wore it on my shoulder. So, they were removed from both sides, and the snood became a shawl.

Sad to see the ocean had to go since human cannot live without sea. It is true that we cannot deal with sea, but wanted them to be attached each other.

Anyway, the shawl is nice. Since the yarn is wool, it warm my shoulder immediately after put it on.