Friday, February 24, 2017

Hot February.

Everyday is hot.

I am not very sure if my winter vegetable did not grow well due to this climate change. There may be another factors that inhibited them to grow, but this crazy weather would be one of the factors. I planted maybe about 20 daikons (Japanese white radish), parsnips, sweet peas, and garlic last fall, and a few of them are still hanging in. I can see the stems of garlic on the ground, but not sure what is going on underneath of the ground.

Winter should be cold and snowy. We have not shoveled snow this winter yet. Maybe, around April, which I really do not want that as well because summer vegetables would be already out in my garden.

It has been almost a month since the new spring semester began. I have not taken any psychology classes this semester but science classes. Human Physiology class is giving me a nightmare. The class is meant for biology major students so the professor often says in class "this is a review to most of you...", no, it's not to me.

I am kind of puzzled why I changed my degree from B.A. to B.S., it's because R said "B.S. is better to get a job because people recognize you as a liberal arts + science person" and my adviser said "Change to B.S. if you want to learn something different. I recommend you to take Human Physiology if you change to B.S." So, I took Chemistry last semester because it was a prerequisite of Human Physiology. It was good. I adore the periodic table since then, which is one of the treasures of human intellectual history.

Also, I officially added Environmental Science for my minor. So, I have been in shock almost every day learning a new tragedy. I am really ignorant about politics and economy which are the field that human stupidity appears so very often, it's really no fun. I thought being born as a human is so nice when I only had a perspective from intellectual and "fantasy" world of humans but after knowing all human activities destroying the earth for own profits even exchanging with other human's life, I am depressed with an idea of what is good about being born as a human. What a selfish creature we are.

Human Physiology is good as it is very interesting to learn about how our body function. I adore cells, chemical reactions between the major essential molecules, monosaccharides, amino-acids, fatty-acids, and nucleic-acids. We think we have a free will to make decisions or life should be "meaningful" and each individuals are important, but physiology tells us that we exist here as a result of the chemical reactions programmed by DNA. Evolutionary Psychology says our body is just a vehicle for DNA to pass a life to the next generation. Our existence is insignificant, everything is driven by DNA. I love that. Many people would disagree with it though.

This semester, I have a lot of opportunities of short writing! I did not expect to have writing assignments so often from science classes. Environment and Politics: 500-700 words essay every week, Geography and Culture: the same, Physiology Lab report every week (so this includes statistics analysis), and Thesis. It's easy to talk about an issue with an ambiguous language which is useless as it does not convey a good message, but writing papers constantly reminds me of how ignorant I am - without a firm and accurate information and organize and descriptive skill, paper cannot be done.

By the way.
We got a cat from my friend.

Her name is Queenie, 2.5 years old female. I call her Que. I appreciate her positive personality. She finds fun everywhere, follows R or me when either one is walking, participates in human activities, and sometimes talks.

And, sometimes bothers me.

When we saw her first time, we thought what a ugly cat she is. I am not sure what happened, but saying she is ugly I asked my friend to have a few weeks trial with her. We fell in love with her within a few days, and she is now our family. I think we were destined. She is getting friendlier and friendlier (or could say more revealing her true personality), all I wish her not to do to me is trying to sit on my face when I am sleeping, which my previous cat did. I do not want to kiss her butt. Otherwise, she can scratch anything she wants.