Friday, May 05, 2017

Getting ready for finals.


Finals begin on 11th and the last day of this semester is 15th, but one paper due is 17th (!) at noon by the courtesy of the professor as he knows we all are busy with other classes. I could not do much with my thesis during this semester, so my advisor agreed to work with me during summer, starting on 17th that we have a meeting on that day.

I applied for one volunteer position for summer, but have not heard anything from the organization yet. Visiting a job fair or internship and volunteering opportunity fair is good to explore what my options would be. I still do not know what I am going to do after December, but I know I want to sew, dye, and continue etsy. R has been looking what I may like also.

Speaking of volunteer, I signed up for a volunteer position as a photographer for the Roanoke council of community service, last year probably before Thanksgiving. I finally heard from them middle of April, and I had my first event on April 24th. It was my first volunteer experience in Roanoke except making charity quilts and crocheting hats for babies.

Here is the photos.

They liked my photos, so the next event will be in June :)

So, I do not know what my summer will be like. At this point, I just want to have time for working on my garden and my sewing projects without any interruptions. I have not planted anything on my beds yet, but only taking care of my compost.

R is thinking of visiting a museum with Que that we wanted to go last summer, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Que is doing very fine. We think her purrrrrr in morning is like the sound of car engine. Since she was a outside cat before, she desperately wants to go outside so we let her out in our backyard about an hour everyday.

Apparently, she knows where to come back and do not try to go beyond the fence around the backyard. She most of the time pays attention or comes back when her name was called. She hates to be examined all over of her body before getting in home, though.

She goes after a ball, like a dog. Strange cat. She does not go outside when it's hot or rain, but I cannot wait to work in my garden with her running around.

Two more weeks! and I should be able to almost forget about school for a while except my thesis.