Friday, October 03, 2008


I have received a package from my mother today. She said she will ship it via SAL (between airmail and parcel, usually it takes 2-3 weeks to get here from Japan), but it came via Express mail (2-3 days).

I asked her to send me just for these.

Japanese tenugui.
Tenugui have very unique patterns, it's traditional styled Japanese hand towel. Cotton 100%. It much expensive than buying Japanese fabric, but the patterns are very attractive.

Not many Japanese company ship oversea, so I have to ask my mother to ship them after she received the package from the company. I make orders on the internet, pay by my credit card, and the address to be shipped is my mother's house.

I was expecting to receive a small package from her, but what I have received was a big box!

"Oh, mom! I am trying to reduce my belongings, why you now increase them :("

What did come out from the box?

Small bento boxes (lunch box).
They are really very small, it's around 1.5 inches.
My mom said in the letter that these bento boxes was collected by her neighbor. It came with pet bottled drink juice as a free gift. I don't know what to do with these.


Remnant kimono fabric, silk 100%.
I guess I like these... but silk is so soft and difficult to sew, cannot wash it at home as well... (dry cleaning)

I never understand why she sent these to me!

2 kimonos and 1 kimono jacket(haori)! They are all silk 100% also.
What makes her think I wear kimono here.
I didn't wear kimono even in Japan excludes very special occasions. I don't even know how to wear it by myself.

Can I cut them up for remaking something?? I don't think so :(
They are heavy also. I really don't need them, mom!