Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green check crib quilt.

Last night, I started to make the blocks of this quilt while I was waiting for laundry to get pre-shrink to the fabric for binding of the twin size quilt that I had worked on at that time. (Now, the twin quilt has been done! I will write about it soon!)

I couldn't stop myself continuing working on it, since more than half process was done when laundry and drying the fabric was finished. I thought I would finish this small quilt top making in the last night, and quilt it in this morning. And it has been done :) Those process really went quickly!

I took another pictures for comparison when the quilt were in process, how the quilt look like depending on which fabric you choose for frames.

They are all similar color scheme - sage green -. I ended up taking the green check pattern fabric matched with the other fabric used for the center part of quilt. The polka dot one looked a little weaker compared to the center part, and the other one looked a little dominant and I felt something is strange...

It is always fun when I consider color matching, but this is the hardest part when I make a quilt. Even I take really loooong time for considering, but sometimes it end up failing. Although I usually finish the project even when I notice in process that "I have failed!"... :(

This time, I think it went OK for this quilt, but it looks "nothing special particularly." Ummmmmmm...

I used compensating presser foot to make this quilt top. I didn't know there is such a convenient foot in this world! It came with my new sewing machine, and wondering how I can use it. My friend told me what it for, and I have tried. With this foot, I didn't have to worry about "corners"! When you make a quilt, I think many or most of quilters care about where a corner and a corner meet to make perfectly beautiful quilt pattern.
This quilt has many triangles which means many sharp corners on it! And I could have perfect corners as you see. I'm thankful for this foot :D