Monday, July 13, 2009

Aloe face toner - after -

Finally completed!

Here is the old story.

The contents in the first-made bottle (middle one in the first picture) changed the color to wine red :( Along with some suggestions from my friends, I re-made it with lemon, which is the larger bottle on the left side.
In the picture, the color looks the same darkness, but actual color is yellow. I thought it would be OK this time.

My friend who has made facial toner many times told me that I can add Glycerin a little more than recipe, if I want moist skin. And I did.... but maybe did too much........

I have used a face toner from this Etsy shop - Ayelet - , it was good. I liked the fragrance (and not too much glycerin. ha ha). But my super simple face toner works better for pimples. I started to use it since middle of June, and I don't have any problem on my skin with my face toner so far. So I will enjoy my toner and see what would happen.