Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pattern - Japanese alphabet quilt -


Japanese alphabet quilt pattern is here.

And a little kit to make a quilt top is available, too.

Had an idea to make this for a long time since I was asked by some people about a pattern. And it is very time consuming for me to make this quilt, I wondered it would be good idea to sell a pattern who is interested in making it by her/himself. If you can make it by yourself it would become a special treasure.

Took a while to find a free licensed Japanese font, since it is used for business purpose. Most of fonts are copyrighted, if you would like to use it as business purpose, you need to get a special permission from them. I finally found free font which can be used in any way, all prohibited thing is that it is not resalable.

I am appreciating my friends who always give me a right suggestion on whatever I do. I didn't know about this license matter, I use free fonts a lot, and I thought free is free that could be used in any way. I have been learning about many things thanks to my friends.