Sunday, April 24, 2011

New quilts - 1960's - maybe - 41x54

 The blocks I had been working on (please refer to this previous post!) became quilts!

They are lap size, I believe.
Since I made 29 blocks without making a plan, 11 blocks are left after making 2 quilts. 4 of them were used for a table runner (in progress), I don't have a plan for other 7 blocks. 29 wasn't a good number for making blocks, though, the black fabric I used for the center of the block made 29 pieces, and I didn't count how many pieces there were.

Here are the details!

These are the same quilt (should say very similar), but have different quilting pattern. I love to see how quilting makes a quilt. Depending on quilting, the quilt change the impression.

Here are the backs!

Which one do you like better??
I like the results how the blocks turned to be a quilt. 

By the way.
The big unexpected quilt top which I showed in the previous post, if you checked it, was turned into strips.... it means, I can make more quilts in this pattern. 
I am thinking to make it with other colors instead of beige next time. Wooo, FUN!