Friday, July 29, 2011

Matched pillow.

The quilt for my landlord mother was done :D
The earlier story is here.

I wanted to place this piece on the center. "BEST GRANDPA in the whole world"

My most favorite pieces are these.

"I don't need your attitude." This was the front of a boxer.

"I have my own." And this was on the back.

I guess it's common for husbands to be told what to do by wives all over the world ;-p I feel so sorry for husbands. Nobody likes to be told what to do. Ha-ha. Be patient, wives. Love him and make him love you :) He would peacefully, willingly do anything for you with love. Money destroy everything, Love creates anything.

So, I found some leftovers of the quilt. And, I made a little pillow with them.


Very cute, isn't it? I felt like I would like to keep it since I had the fabrics for months and very familiar with them now :)