Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another "getting there".

I saw Ling-Ling after a long time. She looked fine except for her bottom body. She is a disabled rabbit who is taken care of my ex-husband. She was hit by a car after being abandoned and lost control of her back legs forever. She cannot hop. Many people suggested to put her down, but she didn't allow it. She is a big fighter, fights with everybody, wants to live. She has a very strong personality. I think it was 5-6 years ago, my ex was asked to take care of her for a while by the rabbit organization, and didn't return her to the organization after the "while".

My ex made a wheel chair for her, and still has been modifying it depending on her condition. She is happy with the wheel chair because she can chase after other rabbits :-p The wheel chair helps her a lot to move around and protects her from the mess of elimination.

As all the vet who took a look at her predicted, her legs are now almost fixed like tree branches since the joints are not functional anymore. The blood check which was done a month ago was very good and her organs are still functioning very well, though, we don't know how long she is last. Since my ex is very attached to Ling-Ling, I started to think about how he will be after the loss of her.

I receive a "I need your help" email from him when the wheel chair suit is needed to be modified or when she needs a new suit, which is attached with his wheel chair frame. He takes care of the hard ware, and I take care of her suit.

Her new suit looks much better than the old one! :D This time, I made a pattern and made some photo copies of it so that I can make the same thing again without having the pre-made suit with me. So, he can wash it more often. We still need to work on minor changes on both the frame and the new suit, but it is getting there :D

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