Saturday, October 20, 2012

Christmas Tree Ornament Donation

This crafty topic! (>_<) <-- Crying for joy

I'm so happy to be able to deliver a crafty topic here since the previous posts were kind of "no fun" topics for people who enjoy my quilts (thank you!). I was (am, actually) thinking, thinking, thinking mode every day. I appreciate R and S for patiently listening to me. R understands me very well since we see things in very similar, or could say the same, ways. I get very lazy in communication with him since he gets out most of what I mean from my little words. Anyway, thinking + learning different view points through college are fun, BUT simple things are always more FUN!

I received an email from one of the Etsy shop owner who organizes a group. According to her message, the group is going to do charity for Fredericksburg Hope House. Our mission is to participate their project "Trees of Hope," and she is collecting Christmas tree ornaments.

I actually do not remember when and what group I signed up for what, but I must be a member of this group because I received the message... When I saw "ornament donation" in her email, I thought I can donate some of the ornaments that I made with them - "Old quilt pieces."

Plus, ornaments made by my friend that was given to me for some reason... (my quilty friends would know the background of this :) I ,of course, keep mine, one of them, here. And, I think she would be happy to hear that her ornaments were donated to this project.

So, I now am a little happier because I did a little sewing in between studying. I unfortunately do not have a lot of time for charity, but I would like to do something when I can do and what I can do. This time, it was a very good timing. I appreciate her for giving me an excuse to sew.

So, now, I am going back to study...........