Free Gifts

I do not like wastes so I try to utilize the resource I have as much as I can. Small scraps can be someone's treasure, too. So I make such "treasures (hopefully)" and give away as a free gift to my customers.

Below is a few examples.

Cards with scraps of Japanese fabric. They come with envelopes.

I recently got new types of paper at a very discounted price from Paper Works. It has an embossed texture and "Stardust" in it. I thought it is perfect with Japanese fabric scraps. I would like to have a little more weight, though. 65lb is still acceptable for cards. I love paper. I love cards and American culture send cards more often than Japanese culture do.

Bookmarks. They are kind of time-consuming. I am not sure if I keep making those in future.

Coasters. They are very easy to make and looks gorgeous as a free gift, I think.

I would like to have some more ideas for free gifts. I have some repeat customers and I feel sorry about including the same gifts. Though, I am not sure if my customers like these but there is no way to know so I just do what I want to do hoping them becoming a bit happier with my free gifts.