Saturday, April 29, 2006


Since my oldest rabbit (he is 10 years old now) got arthritis in his arms, I need to get him exercize more. When I took him to the vet, the veterinarian gave me more medicine for it, but she gave me a medicine for settling down a stomach at the same time. It means, the medicine for arthritis is enough strong for my rabbit as it will bother his stomach.
I remember my mother started to exercize harder since she got arthritis, and my husband said there is no way to stop arthritis. All animals get it when we get old. How sad to see my family is getting old... I will also have it in future, I'm afraid to become old.

Since I started to get my rabbits excersize outside (in my front yard), I started to crochet watching them. My old rabbits don't move so hard, they just dig the ground and move around a little bit. But to dig the ground is important for them to let arms move. When I see them doing it, I feel them "Do more!".

For now, I could completed 3 of scarves using the time for my rabbits :-)
The last one actually didn't crocheted, it was woven. I had yarn which is like flat noodle. To weave it was a lot faster than to knit. I had to sew it by hand after weaving to fix though.

The model of these scarves is a stuffed rabbit named MON-kun. I made him for the model, and wanted to make him simple. So I used weak color even on his eyes. My husband said "this rabbit is under drug? Looks like dizzy." :-(