Saturday, November 17, 2007

A quilt for my friend.

It's been almost 3 weeks since my friend moved to other state.
I joined the quilt circle meeting on the last Thursday, but of course she wasn't there. She was always there when I go to the meeting, and used to smile a lot, talked a lot. I miss her very much.
The other day I sent her a quilt that I made for her, and she telephoned me to let me know that she received it, and said the package I sent was the first package she received at the new place. She sounded like very fine, trying to be very active to make a new life there. I am happy to know she is doing fine.

Here is the quilt I made for her!

Sounds like she liked it :-D
She said she will come back sometime, I look forward to seeing her again.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Finally, "The monster quilt 2007" is done!

It was heavy... heavy..., heavy! I didn't recognize flannel fabric is heavier than quilt weight cotton fabric. The weight of the quilt itself is 4 pounds 5 ounces, when I ship this quilt, a box weight is added it would be into the category of less than 6 pound of priority mail. It doesn't fit in the flat rate box, and anyway the weight is 2 pounds over than USPS policy for flat rate priority mail service.

Now, I am introducing each of my monsters!

He loves being with his friends! His hair is made of a material like rubber. He loves to rub his friend's back with them saying “love, love, love…”. His third eye on the forehead can find someone who is feeling sad, disappointed, depressed. He loves to share all love!


He is a trouble maker without realizing. When his big ears are shook, it means he dashes to his buddies to join their matter. And mix it up, but he actually tries to solve it. His friends know his real sweet personality, so they anyway love him though.....



He is a pet of Potechie -- he is on the monster quilt 2006 --. Since he started to feel that he is smarter than his owner, he has been trying to be in charge of the relationship. When he has something he dislikes, he barks "Boo-Myan!!" so loudly. This is enough to bother his owner Potechie. Even though Porgan bothers Potechie a lot, Potechie loves Porgan.
His owner is out of the quilt this time, since he told Potechie a wrong date for audition :-(



He is a good listener, and an adviser. He feels other creature's emotions quickly and sensitively.
His red eye sees anger, the blue eye sees peace, and the yellow eye sees joy.
He has a big flat antenna in many colors on his head in order to feel complicated emotions.
He analyzes a situation or a problem which his friends have, and tells them what they should do to solve it. Most of the case, it works.



He flies all over moving his sensors – the sticks on his head --. catches new information of anything! Loves to spread the information he caught to his friends, but unfortunately most of this friends don’t understand what he says since he speaks sooo fast. Madame thinks it’s important to speak fast because he needs to spread the information as many friends as he can, and the information is always updated soon.



He moves slowly, and has strong strength. Loves to listen to old music, tries to dance with it, but he cannot follow its tempo. His red sensor on his ear let him know by flashing when something wrong is going to happen to him. It’s often helpful to avoid Madame.


Here is some other pictures of the quilt.

I put 2 messenger monsters -- mames -- on the back. I like to do applique on the back of my quilt, since I feel it become more like special and my original.
I hope someone who get this quilt will be happier and always smile :-)