Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aloe face toner.

I think it is not common to use face toner in the USA, but we Japanese.
I asked some of my Japanese friends who live in other states, and they also said they cannot find similar one that we used to use in Japan.

I didn't mind to not use face toner for a while after I moved in the USA, since I didn't have serious skin problems, but lately :(
I think our skin needs moisture, and need to hold it. Only skin lotion (we call toner as lotion, and lotion as cream in Japan) is not enough to have moisture-retaining skin. Especially here in Virginia has dried weather all through a year, I started to have unexpected problem on my skin that I didn't have in Japan.

I looked for face toner, tried Avon one first since one of my friend was used to sell Avon products. But I can no longer have it since she has a job now and cannot see each other often. I see one Asian grocery store in my area sells Japanese facial products, but they are soooooo expensive!!

One of my Japanese friend who lives in the Washington state suggested me to make it by myself, and gave me aloe face toner recipe.

So...., here is the toner being in progress.
I found Aloe pot at Home Depot at $3.99, and the liquid is vodka. I forgot to make the bottle sterile, and it started to turn into red color :( My friend told me that I can add 3 peeled lemons if I remake it. I got go get some more vodka for it since I used them all for the bottle. I hope my husband doesn't find I have a bottle of vodka, otherwise.... he would drink it :(


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Painting days.

Since we have had nice days like this,

My husband asked me to paint some parts for the bay window.

He has been working on the bay window since......... the last fall. He didn't know the bay window was constructed in cheap way until he opened up a small ceiling of it from inside of the house, to solve a bad problem with wasps. So..., he started to work on the bay window leaving where he was fixing (a part of the kitchen? between the kitchen and the family room).

Now he has been working on the roof of the bay window.
I admire him constructing it from the scratch by himself, but everything goes really very, very slow. It's because he does everything by himself, research on the internet for a better method, good materials, better tools, etc, and takes time to get the right materials and parts, since he cannot find them at local stores. I am sure he is becoming a professional with his lots of experience and knowledge, he fixes anything including electrical things.

The parts I painted (primer) are for the bottom part of bay window. I need to sand it to make the surface smooth, and paint in the same color of siding.

I cannot believe he is a senior! His brain and body are working right much more than mine!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Titanium necklace.

I have been working so hard lately thanks to my friends and my costomers! The Hiragana quilt I have ever featured, which I was worrying about how many orders I would be able to have, was made 6 sales so far. Thank you very much!

One of the buyer of the Hiragana quilt wonderfully featured about her purchase on her blog. Please take a peek! I am so happy to hear she liked her purchase :D

life in color

And other job from my friends is quilting service. My sewing machine has been really, really working to death everyday!

My neck and shoulders started to hurt, it is occasionally hard to move my arms because of it.
I remembered I brought necklaces and bracelets which contains titanium in it.

The description below is from the manufacture's website.

* PHITEN NECKLACES -----------
Simply by wearing these products, your body can feel relaxed and refreshed. Our necklaces are an indispensable item for relieving stress and fatigue in our modern lives. The wide variety of colors and designs brings an element of fun, and is just one of the many reasons for their popularity. In all aspects of life - from everyday activities to athletics - our products can help maximize your potential energy and strength. This is why so many top athletes use Phiten products. ---------------

I don't know what is working for my shoulders when I wear those products, but it really works.
My friend's husband gave it to me first when I had bad stiff shoulders. He let me wear his necklace for a while, and gave it to me later saying "You can take it, you seem like it very much." When his necklace became old, I got the second one.
I lately wear it all the time except for sleeping time...

I had one day off from sewing today, and what I did was.... cleaning even detailed parts... it made my shoulders stiff again :(