Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year from the Virginia police.

My friend paid $148 for letting me take these pictures on the New year eve.

Hope you all are having fun now, and Happy New Year!!!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dark Brown Wool Sweater

Looks like dark gray in these pictures, but it is NICE dark brown. Found it at a thrift shop. It has a nice old tag on the neck part...

The original price was $5, I asked $3 discount since it has a hole. This hole is also adorable to me.

Because of this hole, I don't think I wear this sweater, but I can use it for craft after felting :) Thinking to do something with those hearts but not sure yet. I would feel sad when I cut this sweater....


Friday, December 17, 2010

How Much Is That - watercolor print

How Much Is That - watercolor print

When I first found this drawing, it gave me a story that a soldier came back from war is looking at a toy to get for his little girl waiting for him at home. It is holding my heart since then.

I love this print and watching it for years. I would buy it some time, not sure yet when though...


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Camera camera case from hine

hine is one of a Japanese great successful artist and an etsy seller. I recently started to talk with her on twitter, it is so interesting to see her world. Unfortunately, although there are some copycat of her works since she is famous, this is her original work.

Each item is made with handwork, materials used for this case is sturdy felt, even it is double layered.

When I got this, my old camera was too big as it didn't fit in the case, but I anyway decided to purchase it when she offered a sale since I was watching it for a long time... Now, I got a smaller new camera and I can use it for original purpose, but doesn't want it dirty.

Now her Camera camera case is sitting on my drawer that is for my favorite things place :) My happiness :)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Love those color scheme!

At Monday's quilting meeting, Jane was cutting fabrics. Since they all are my favorite color scheme, I asked her if she is going to throw the stash away after cutting.

And she kindly let me have those!

I believe a small quilt can be made out of those. Would love to try it now, but later... since I have some work to do...


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cat Coasters

Started to make those coasters for a craft show in Japan in the last... June or July though, not done yet :( Anyway the craft show was in September, which my Japanese friend in Japan kindly offered me to send some small items for sale so that she could sell them for me over there.

I don't remember why I couldn't accomplish this project for the show..., since so many things pass through me, but they are still here and almost ready for sale at etsy :)


Monday, December 13, 2010

Eating, eating, eating...

Holiday = Potluck = Foods = Happy.
I had 3 potlucks and one lunch appointment only for this week.
Potluck is always fun, but eating too much everyday. I am afraid to weigh my weight the end of year..., I don't have a scale though.

Anyway, pictures of foods! :D
Quilting group : Playing outside of the block
At Elly's!
I had wanted to attend Elly's luncheon since everyone's reputation is so great! But had to wait 3 years, since something happened and stopped me to be there. I was so impressed and excited to be a part of this luncheon this year! As everyone says, it was gorgeous and cozy!!

We had fabric exchange, and what I got is this. Judith brought a little cute ornament for all of us :) Thank you.

Then looked for some fabrics at home that could match with, and I thought it might be a good idea to go with other simple lines pattern.

QU Winter luncheon at City hall.
Our leader of the group : Playing outside of the block ; Donna did a super great job. I thought she is a great writer, but not only that talent, she is a great organizer.

And "Old man club".
I just call this club as "Old man club", but young men or young women also come. This is a meeting of Ham radio. I don't do Ham though, just tagged along with my friend.

And buffet lunch... some people may not believe, but I ate all foods on this plate. It was too much for me, I misjudged the amount of food how much I can put in my stomach. I anyway finished it, because I think it is rude to throw away once I took them on my plate, and I don't like to waste foods. It was hard! :(

I do appreciate for I can have plenty of foods to eat.
Gochisousama deshita! ( = I really enjoyed the meal very much, thank you for the food.)


New Camera

After more than 15 years, I finally bought a new digital camera.
My digital camera is very old, I got it when a digital camera was getting popular instead of an analog camera. I think I paid around $600 for this old camera back then.

Since my old camera started to show me a few symptoms that indicates dying, and it is heavy and big to take with me, especially I was shocked it didn't fit in my small purse for a party, I decided to buy new one. It started from one good reputation of a camera that my friend brought me to determine which one is good for me, and what I bought is Nikon COOLPIX S8100.

It is actually too good for me, and I know I wouldn't use most of the features that this camera has, and I know even the cheapest digital camera that now on the market is much better than my old one.
A salesman who took care of me at Micro Center surprised to see such an old camera, he suggested me to forget all complains I have for my old camera when I told him what problems I have with it.

I am now VERY excited to take movies with my new one!! I spent my studying English time for playing with this new toy last night...., but FUN!! :D :D :D


Friday, December 10, 2010

Japanese Comics

Have you been enjoying this holiday season???
Sure, I have :D
We will have Christmas very soon!

Found those at one of a library book sale the last weekend.

25 cents for each pieces?!
Originally, it cost about $4.50 in Japan.
This comic story is looooooooooooong,
it started ... maybe when I was in high school,
so... more than 20 years ago.

Those are 2nd series of the story,
and I have already read whole 1st series at my best friend's,
when I visited her 4 years ago,
and I was hoping to read the 2nd series.

I anyway got 3 of them though,
I know it is just a beginning of the 2nd story.
My best friend in Japan should have whole this series,
I have to look forward to reading it after 3 chapters
once I started to read it.

Now I am thinking if I should start it or even not to start...


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Christmas gift

Christmas gift from my customer!
I am totally surprised when she brought a gift for me.

It really motivated me a lot,
I will try to keep supplying a good jog for them!
Appreciating her so much for thinking of me.
I am happy.