Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hiragana Quilt featured on blogs.

From time to time, I receive an offer for featuring my item(s) on people's blog.
I am happy to know they liked my item, and appreciate for their kind offer for advertising it on their blog.

Here is one of them, Tomo & Edie.
They started to write this blog to introduce items relevant to Japan from Etsy. Since there are many Japanese sellers on Etsy today, they would find more items easily. I look forward to seeing them :)

Also, here is their Etsy shop. They carry beautiful Japanese goods!
Tomo & Edie

Thanks, Tomo and Edie! :D

On another blog, my Hiragana quilt was introduced here back in the Feb.
I'm surprised to realize that it's been already 5 months since then. Time REALLY flies :( A day or a week pass so FAST; I feel like I don't remember what I had been doing.

This blog is written by Hiragana Mama!
Hiragana mama
She is a bilingual mom trying to teach her kids Japanese while living in the United States.
Her entire blog has something relevant to Japan; it would be interesting for foreigners to learn about Japan.

Thank you, Hiragana mama! :D


I have a final exam next week.
Finally, my English reading class will be over; my Web class will be continued until middle of September. I really have to keep up with it after this English class is over.

The next semester (fall), I am planning to take 2 English classes (+ 1 extra). The summer was 8 weeks, but the fall is 16 weeks semester. Probably it would be easier with scheduling.
After this fall, I will be finally able to take college English classes!! Not ESL! Do you know what this mean? "NOT ESL"!!! Whaaaaao! :D I am happy about that, but feel a lot of pressure at the same time.

Well, happy Forth of July to you all :)
I will be studying though :(

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York

I was in NYC the last weekend! WONDERFUL!!
My Japanese friend visited the USA from Japan, and she suggested me to meet at NYC since I hadn't been there, also she anyway wanted to make her first USA experience in NY. Everything was set up by her; all I did was just going there as directed. I appreciate her very much for giving me this opportunity! I have learned a lot through this trip, each trips mean a lot to me. It's been 4 or 5 years since I saw her last time in Japan; she has been my friend since high school. We, of course, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, aaaaaaaaaaaand chat! :D This is most important (also food...).

NYC was like Japanese big city like Osaka or Tokyo, so there were not many exciting things to us since we know how a big city look like; also, I am done with young generation which was interested in owning so many stuff. Even I have been trying to not have many things, it's hard to reduce belongings. What I got from this trip as keepsakes are those :D (and my friend brought some Japanese snacks for me as souvenirs)

I am a collector of pressed penny. Usually, it cost 50 cents (+ 1 cent coin), but it was $1 this time. Maybe it is because in NY. I found this in the Empire State building. Other coin was at the Statue of Liberty.

I started to check the pictures I took in this trip. There are more than 700... I will probably upload part of them on my Flickr :) My friends requested me to share them :D

After came home, I received a nice gift from another friend.

Basil! (my favorite)
I love you all (>_<) (>_<) (>_<)!
Thank you!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bleeding nephew.

Received recent pictures of my nephews from my sister-in-law :D

He is bleeeeeeeeeeeeeding.
According to my sister, he fell off from the deck :( But he didn't cry. Strong boy!

Other nephew was kind of shocked.

What I think looking at his head... he will be bald. His head really looks like my brother's. He will start to losing hair in his early 20s. So sorry.

Hope my brother could give him useful advices from his experience to delay becoming the bald head...

Still busy...

The last weekend was super busy, but very relaxing without worrying about anything. I simply enjoyed it.

We had a community yard sale in the morning of Saturday. I was serious about finishing quilting 4 soldiers quilts during the yard sale, and they were done. So I could take off to my friend's place for a birthday party; then, left for another friend's place; and..., drank and drank, laughed and laughed ;-p Well, it was wonderful.

Here is my friend's cat. I thought she was dying when I first saw her.

And huge ant's nest ;-p
I am not a fan of ants, but when I saw them working for the nest, I really feel admiring them. Also, they are a symbol of summer; I like to feel seasons from nature.

So, I finally got a time to start a custom order quilt in between of my classes.
The text book for the Web design course is 1" thick..... better to start reading prior. And, English homeworks before the next class.

This week is busy, too.