Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I really want to sew whole day.

In the happy morning as this breakfast was waiting for me on the table to be eaten by me,

I found some piles of my projects have been occupying my room and are waiting for me to be sewn! I am showing them here - they are major ones. I have minor ones as well.

Japanese Katakana alphabet quilt (custom order) will be done first... It is coming along little by little.

And, the Robot quilt (custom order) will be the next. The fabrics for the quilt I ordered arrived a few days ago, but unfortunately, the online shop made an mistake on my order, and I am waiting for it to be corrected. Otherwise, I picked one quilt pattern for the robot quilt and finished making diagram, so the fabrics are ready to be cut and sewn. I am thinking to work on 2 quilts at once with the materials.

And, probably English Alphabet Quilt would be the next. A few years ago, I made 3 quilt tops in this pattern. All of them were sold.

My dentist agreed to give me an examination in an exchange for my quilt. When she picked up this quilt from my etsy shop, it was just after being sold. So, I promised her to make another one for her - the baby's due who she wants to give the quilt to is in September; still have time :) I would make 3-4 tops at once again then.

And, some projects I am really ready to work on.

Japanese Tenugui Quilt. Tenugui is a Japanese cotton face towel. They usually have unique printing pattern on them.
I am thinking to make 2 quilts with different fabrics for sashes and borders. When I bought the light gray fabric (the bottom one in the photo), I was thinking to make a girl's quilt. Well. I may want to get another piece for the original plan.

Traditional Japanese Quilt.

2 or more Table Toppers with Linen looking fabric - actually they are cotton.

I am really not sure when I can start working on them. I am sure custom orders will be done as soon as possible though.

Although I want to believe that it was not from stress of studying which keeps me away from sewing, I ordered bunch of fabrics from online shop at the middle of night, I could say it was almost dawn, a few days ago. When I receive the fabrics, I will see if I am disappointed with myself about picking up bunch of unnecessary fabrics because of lack of restraint; or, if I made the right decision of picking up great fabrics for future uses even when I was out of control. The latter sounds better ;-p

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Collection...

I received a custom quilt order from my repeat customer who purchased this quilt (below) a few years ago.

Her request was to make a similar quilt to her previous purchase for her second son. I was very happy to know that she is happy with the quilt after a few years from the purchase and picked me for another quilt :D

I seldom hear from my customers about how my production is doing, though, actually she was the second person who lately told me that she is still happy with it. The first customer who purchased a baby quilt for her daughter expressed about the quilt as "after abusing it for a few years, it is still doing excellent." Thank you very much :D

Anyway, I usually don't make a quilt for a boy because my eyes naturally catch something for girls, not for boys. I make a boy's quilt when I found something meets specially my interest. My customer said that she had been checking my shop from time to time, but a boy's quilt wasn't listed; so, she decided just to write me.

It was very good timing because I was just checking one of my favorite online fabric store because they sent me a 15%OFF coupon and my brain remembered this robot fabric from Robert Kaufuman.

I thought this line is perfect for her request, and ordered them soon after her request without asking her opinion. I thought I anyway make a quilt with them. I showed her my fabric order later, and she liked it! Phew.

Then, I went to Jo-Ann for threads as I planned previously, they were on sale, and found perfect backing for the robot quilt!

So! I am really ready to start making the robot quilt, but unfortunately I have to wait the delivery of the kauffman fabric from the online shop. It would take around 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I will work on another quilt order - Japanese alphabet quilt. And I have the 2nd exam from the history class next week.

Byyyyyyyy the way.
As I mentioned, I went to Jo-Ann yesterday.
Cotton fabrics for quilts were 40%OFF. OH MY.

Here is my new collection, which I have no idea when it turn to be a quilt; but my mind is already be with them...

Plus, neutral colors jerry roll from moda.

Half of them are from my stash from the fabric shelf, another half are from Jo-Ann. When I was picking up the fabrics, I was going to make a quilt for a "adult city man" or a "careered city woman". But I am now not sure about the theme after adding to the line from my stash. The whole world of image is now getting different from the beginning.

I picked some quilt patterns for this collection though,

I think I would just use Rail Fence pattern which I love :)

Well, I am now going back to reality, and finishing my assignments.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playing with Photos

I have been really enjoying Photography class :D
And, also Adobe Lightroom :D

Since the weather, here in Northern Virginia, has been so nice lately, cherry blossoms are all over.

Here are some results of playing with Lightroom.
This is the original picture.

And using the presets, I enjoyed some variations.

So much fun, isn't it?

By the way, I have finished reading the book "The Envoy" for the book review. It was a looooong way. I now have a lot to write for my paper, but we were given only 2 pages, including personal opinion, which is too little :( The book was very good. I expected to know more about Hitler through the book, but he actually didn't appear in it, only his name. The story was about whole through the period of ending World War II in Budapest and Raoul Wallenberg and Eichmann. It's all about human being.

My housemate found the trial of Eichmann on Youtube, 200 hours..., we are really interested in it, but unfortunately it was all in German language which we don't understand. He looked for some movies about him, so I think we will end up watching them soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Quilt Show in Manassas

Today was a beautiful day :)

I went to the quilt show - Annual Quilt Show by Cabin Branch and Stonehouse Quilters Guilds - today. I think it's been 2 years since the last show I enjoyed. I didn't buy any fabric at the show, but won a tapestry kit :D Lucky me!

The best of my favorite from today's show is this!
CUTE!! and I love all fabrics used in this quilt!

I wish I could be patient enough to make such an adorable quilt. First of all, I don't have motivation to follow someone's pattern ... This is an original design based on a photograph of pig by Ruth MacDowell. I am not patient enough to figure out or understand instructions :(

Next week will be very pretty according to forecasts. Hope I could find some nice subjects to shoot photos for assignments of photography class :)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Holocaust Museum

Since I have been reading the book "The Envoy" for the second book review for my history class assignment, I visited the Holocause Museum in DC yesterday. The book is about a Swedish man, Raoul Wallenburg, who saved 100,000 Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the World War II.

I was initially going to read another book that is about Nitingale, but I found that I just assumed the book is about her biography, but it wasn't. also, writing of the book was harder for me to understand than the other candidate "The Envoy", so I switched the book to read.

Since it's hard for me to get all kinds of information about the events only from reading the book, I watched 2 DVDs about Wallenburg, have been reading about ralevant events on Wikipedia little by little in order to understand the background and further infomation I want to know.

I think I could finish only 1/4 of exhibition in the museam. I have to go back to finish them in near future. I would like to go through the detail of the historical events by the time of Holocaust. The exhibition on the bottom floor was a great one to know that all.

Although it was very windy, yesterday was a pretty day. The last time I visited the American history museum, the food at the cafe was so expensive, so I brought my own lunch this time. I used the containers that I can throw away after finishing lunch, but ended up bringing them back... I cannot throw anything away :(

Spring Break is almost over. I couldn't get quilting done as much as I hoped :( I got to be busy this weekend, especially night time since I decided to sew at night. I have been having productive days. And, I love it :D

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sewing, Sewing

This Friday and Saturday, I anyway wanted to sew and quilt without thinking anything. Since my box for storing fabrics for quilt donations was full, I thought I would clean the box a little, and made 3 quilts - binding is not done yet. Here are the results.

One large one would go to the woman's shelter through QU, and other 2 small one would go to my friend who collects baby quilts.

Fabrics for quilt donations are usually from quilter's give away and my stash. I usually use my own batting. The last time when I saw the lady who is in charge of quilt donation, she gave me some batting. I was lucky :)

By the way.
Valentine's day was over almost 3 weeks ago though, I found a funny card at CVS. Here.

This huge card comes with a huge envelope for it. It is now 75%OFF. How about this card for next year??? It would give a strong impression to your hubby! :D It is anyway really big!

Thursday, March 01, 2012


On such a beautiful day....

I received the results of my first test and the book review from my History class.

I had never studied this hard in my whole life until today. I cannot stop regretting why I didn't study this hard when I was in school in my teen! Education means really a lot, and it is much easier to do in younger age. Undoubtedly, English problem is making harder for me everything though, it anyway take longer time to understand.

Anyway, here is the result.
Book Review!

The 1st Test!

I am proud of myself to get this grade from world history class with English handicap. I hugged my professor when the paper was returned. I was SO excited! Everybody says it will be easier and easier because I will get used to study while learning English. Also, I really do appreciate huge help by my house mate, R! He was born with a spirit of teaching. He helps me to understand in easier way by DVDs, always talking or reminding me about historical events, and is very good at finding materials to learn. He tries to prevent me from overwhelming by organizing studying guide. I couldn't get this grade without his help.

Also, Photography class is getting exciting. I took this class to satisfy credit requirement expecting as an easy ride, but it wasn't easy, here again, English, and I wanted to take better photos of my sales items on etsy since I hear often from my customers, "The actual item is so much prettier than the picture." All kinds of mechanical and technical terms of camera made me really nervous at the beginning of class though, Now, half of the class is over. I started to enjoy it since I am now used to them. Plus, the last half of the class would be really exciting because we are now going to get into the artistic world and work on the final project using whatever we learned.

I like to take pictures, but didn't know anything about technical things. I realized my camera, Nikon Complex 8100, is a well made toy. It would be very exciting to get a better camera which can have full control of all kinds of features. Mine allows to modify only ISO setting and have preset of white balance, which means almost nothing... Well, I don't have time to get into the deep world of photography, so will think about it in future. I am happy to be able to learn those through this class anyway.

Next week is SPRING BREAK! I will have a celebration in relaxation this weekend! :D :D :D I have to treat R to something! Yay!