Thursday, September 06, 2012

My New SLR Camera!


I received a new camera today.

It had been a long time since my small point & shoot camera was broken, and I asked Nikon to repair it a few weeks ago. It suddenly started to drain battery very quickly. It doesn't hold battery! I thought probably the battery has a problem, so purchased 3 another batteries somewhere online. I was anyway thinking to get another battery because battery exhaust comes first than the memory card become full when I have a special event. All of them were fully charged, but my camera kept saying "Battery exhausted" and didn't stay "on"! - it seems like a common problem on Nikon point & shoot camera. I found many people online who have the same problem.

I really didn't want to believe this because I purchased this camera less than 2 years ago. So, I asked the local camera repair shop to see the problem. They said the main part of the camera needed to be replaced, and gave me $175 estimate for fixing. Well. The same model of a new camera is sold at $225 at Best Buy!

I sent the camera to Nikon to see what they would say. They also said the main parts has to be replaced, but never give me the info of what was wrong! - I already know it if the local camera shop was correct, but I want to know what Nikon says because "the main parts has to be replaced on the camera purchased less than 2 years ago?!"

Anyway, the camera was fixed at $95. I received it today. I like this camera if a battery doesn't get exhausted so quickly. And, I anyway need to have a camera!

So, the surprise is this new SLR camera! also received today! - again, Nikon.

I was really seriously thinking to buy a new one, but didn't have time to do research on what kind of camera is recommended for me including price. Since I learned some about photography in the class that I took this spring, I didn't like my small Nikon about shutter speed is not adjustable. I hate to use flash. It results to have many "out of focus" pictures when shutter speed is slow in less light. I wanted to have full control on my camera~! But, I also had hesitation to spend a lot of money for a camera because it's just one of my hobby. If my sewing machine is broken now, I don't hesitate to buy a better one because it is used for my business.

I didn't know R was researching about the SLR - I was asked many times what I need, though - and actually he was buying it! I don't know what to say, but THANK YOU!

I will do enjoy this one! - I cannot forget the assignments from my classes, though! (>_<)