Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow days.

We in VA had a big snow recently.

A few days before our storm, Tokyo area in Japan had a similar one, and after our snow, they had the second one. So, they had twice as much as ours or more.

Tokyo seldom has snow. It created a new record after 45 years. It was literally, still continuing, a disaster since they do not have a snow plow service there. People had to shovel main streets as well as their private properties.

Schools and the government were closed here, and my college also. I had two free days. Yay.

So, I started to make a new quilt for sale with these woven fabrics. I actually have another 2 done for sale, have not taken photos of them yet...

Here are the some of blocks of the quilt.

This picture shows colors more vivid than actual. I am trying to make a one like *boro* - quilting will be done by machine though :-p
The fabrics are a little thinner than a normal cotton for quilts, and I applied lining, normal cotton for quilts, to an each block to stabilize.

I finished the first block of One-Pi.

Sewn by hand :) This is a project for me to work on at quilty meetings.

I am so happy that I have more time for sewing this semester! The last semester was really busy. I am not taking English classes this semester, that is why...!

Have FUN, and be HAPPY!! :D

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pu-ha ----!!

I do this many times a day after drinking good drinks. It starts with coffee every morning.

R asked me if this action is from Japanese culture.
Yes, it is.
We express a good feeling and satisfaction from drinks this way.
I wanted to show R that this is a common expression among Japanese as it is used in a commercial of drinks especially in which of beer in Japan - I thought, but apparently not anymore with beer.

I looked for a good convincing commercial of beer, but could not find it!
But found this interesting one instead.

Sapporo Beer. It's beautiful.
They are brewing beer.

Anyway, my tweety friend told me that I can find a commercial that satisfies my need, which is the first one shown above.

R kind of looks forward to hearing my "Pu-ha ---!!" every morning when he brings a cup of coffee to me.
My morning does not begin without his coffee and my Pu-ha --!