Sunday, August 31, 2014

Japanese Custom Quilt

The custom quilt ordered the end of June is done!
The customer sent me most of the materials except batting.
Since I do not have much time for piecing, I really enjoy making a top. I think I still like quilting better than piecing, though.

Here are picture of the front of the quilt.

And, the backing - was pieced with 9 tenugui.

Japanese people in the Edo period...

Japanese indigo fabrics always dye my hands :)


Total 80 blocks.

I added some indigo fabric made in US that looks like Japanese fabric since there were not enough from the customer's supply.

Pieced backing :D
Since some tenugui have a unique large pattern, I could not cut it to adjust the size... So the backing was eventually treated as a top. I made the top slightly larger than the backing.

Completed top.

Quilt sandwich - ready for quilting.

Middle of quilting. I do it with a regular sewing machine. It was heavy to move the sandwich around.

Attaching a binding tape.

Completed & ready to ship.

I made 8 coasters as well with small leftover pieces.
5" wide x 40" long, and it was divided by 8.

Binding tape attached. I bound it during the trip to Niagara Falls :D

It was a really exciting job! Thank you so much!!

Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Productive Days - I believe.

This summer is almost over!
The fall semester had begun a week ago.

I struggled with two unfavorable classes in this summer, Public Speaking & Statistics, but it's okay since I got an A from both after all.

I REALLY appreciate R for patiently listening to my complaining & moaning about the classes and college systems, and he cheers me up all the time. I have never seen him being mean or negative; he is ALWAYS being positive and nice, 24 hr/7 days = 365 days a year. He should have days that he wants to moan about something or accidentally mean taking out his stress on something because he is a human being, but he dos NOT do.

He "choose" to be good & positive & cheerful 24hrs a day, which requires a lot of Psychic energy. I have never seen a person like him being able to control oneself and being rational excellently yet lovable and funny.

My "success" of college life (so far) that is defined by general terms, which is different from my definition, is his achievement, not mine. He is like my personal trainer who supports me making sure what I am doing would brings me the "success," and I often feel like he is my "mother" because he often takes care of my meals, brings a cup of coffee to the bed every morning. I have never cleaned the bathroom, because he cleans it.

Anyway, in this summer break, we visited the Niagara Falls!
We started to plan a few days before the date actually we left home for there. The trip's expense was able to minimize less than $100 because R's friend gave him a hotel gift certificate, and we took food for 2 days to eat in a cooler because we both do not want to waste time & money for looking for good restaurants. So, the expense was only cost of gas and parking at Niagara falls.

Pics of the Niagara falls are posted here, if you are interested :D

I love driving with him since we talk a lot about things like this :

and all kinds of things.
We stop when we want to stop to eat or to go to bathroom, to take pictures, and I am able to hand sew while driving. NICE, isn't it.

2 days after of Niagara fall trip, my classes began.
This semester will be a lot different from previous ones.
I will transfer to a four year college this coming Spring. If the first-choice college accept me, we will move out this area - totally new life in a new area - we will come back though.

I signed up as an officer with Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), international honor society. PTK activities started during the summer semester, and we are recruiting more members now. I have just experienced some school events from them, and they are great opportunities for me to practice speaking.

We had a Club Fair yesterday & the day before yesterday.

R was also recruiting new members for his local Amateur Radio Group.
We had fun for 2 days having our tables next each other.

Also, I am an active member of Toastmasters (TM) Club!
I made the 3rd speech tonight, talked about Daredevils of the Niagara Falls.
I appreciate the TM members for warm critiques.

All members knows how difficult to give a speech. They are glad to share their experience and give advices to new speakers.

So, it's now busy, busy, busy days, but I have been learning a lot. I can certainly say that I am a different person than I was a few years ago. Each semester, I feel changes in myself.

How can I describe about those.... I do not know, but it is wonderful...!