Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coming along.

It has been a long time since the last post, again.

Life with my friend did not work out, so we decided to move out in the middle of March after considering both S and our situations. We are now back to S’s place, and everything is working nicely. We really appreciate S welcoming us back.

Sonny was strange for a while after we moving back, but he now acts like nothing had happened (because I worked to get him back with a lot of treats. He was completely a S’s follower while I was away).

I also appreciate my quilter friends customers. They are really patient with getting their quilts back. “Do your study first!” “Do not let you bother by my silly quilts!” “No rush!!”

This semester was supposed to be a “fun time” for me. This is my last semester at Northern Virginia Community College and I simply wanted to have fun. I found the class choices I made initially did not work out in the first week of the semester, so I had to change it. It screwed up my plan for "fun time" !

I ended up taking 3 PSY classes and 1 ENG class (mythology), and learned this combination is the same as taking 4 ENG classes (worst for me). PSY classes require a lot of readings → analyzing → writings, which is almost the same as ENG classes.

Consequently, quilting jobs started to fall behind. I really hoped to get most of quilts I was holding done during the Spring break (middle of March), but I got a cold. I spent most of the break in bed. During the break, we finally decided to move back to S, we now had to have the move during midterm-exam.

Academically, it was good, I think. I received 3 awards this semester. Not sure how that happened, but these brought me extraordinary experience such as ceremonies, dinner, lunch, pictures taken as a honor student (happy but embarrassing somehow), had to smile in a formal dress (I gave up to smile showing teeth. It is not embedded in my culture), a day trip with the provost, … etc.

I am not good at formal situations, and looking for a "would look OK" dress from the closet is troublesome. This time, I found a black dress that my mother made with fabric $10/yd when I was in early 20s.

I applied some scholarships as well. I learned how difficult to win! It is a team work! A recommendation letter from a professor is significant, and my essay as well! Writing an essay for scholarship is different from the one for ENG class. I really have to know who I am and what I want to do, what I did in the past to help others, about my life, struggle during school or life AND these need to be written very concisely yet strong and attractive!

Winners I saw at an event looked very special and highly competitive. I felt they were born to win, such as a "pedigree horse." I thought I would never win as long as my essay is so dull and I do not like to compete. Later, R found a guy who know how to write essays for scholarship. He gave me tips for writing an essay.

The last scholarship I applied went well. I had an interview with the scholarship committee, and later received a letter saying "Congratulations!" It is so nice to learn people in the committee evaluated my future is worth $$. The 4 year university I applied accepted me soon after they received my application, and sent me a financial package for me. They also provided me 2 scholarships.

Looking back this semester (I still have 2 weeks left including finals though), I think it was wonderful as usual. I received so many supports, my vision for the next step became clearer, and I got rid of what I wanted to.

I have not seen my quilting friends for a long time, since the Spring break. I hope they have not changed next time I see them (probably not).

I am very sure I will feel wonderful after this semester is over. Every semester is different but always brings me very nice feeling. I cannot wait it this time as well.