Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monsters Quilt in progress

I received a request from my customer for my Monsters quilt the end of last year. We discussed about the quilt, and she let me make it upon my creativity. One thing she was particular about was using Japanese fabrics. Considering the quilt is for a boy, I tried to stay on "boy taste" but Japanese, and those are made out of the custom order. The monsters are kind of weired, but since they are monsters, so I think being weired is right for them.

The quilt top is actually done, and I love the result. Since this quilt is for a boy, I used many "zakka" looking fabrics. If this is for an adult, it could be traditional taste of "Japanesey". I think that atmosphere is interesting also.

I am ready to put together the backing. I will post the completed quilt when it is done :D Hopefully, within a week! 

I have to spend most of today for doing homework unfortunately. I have been thinking what topic is good or motivate me to write for an narrative essay since this Monday. I thought I would write about my volunteer experience, but now thinking about "How to kiss" to write. If it would not work by this evening, I will go back to the previous idea.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Treasury : Warm me up buttercup, wool socks and a hot cup of tea

Very Springy Treasury from Etsy.
I am honored to see my yellow cushion is included in this treasury.
Very cheerful, isn't it :)

Speaking of Treasury, I have been thinking, thinking, and thinking to create my treasury for a looooooooooooooong time, but never happened so far. My item is often included in someone's treasury (thanks!!), and I love to see it! This is one of great ways to share your favorite with people :)

Batik fever.

I think Batik fever has been attacking me again. The last attack was in fall, 2009, I think. When this fever attacks me, I start to buy large quantity of batik one after another. Hope this attack wouldn't last for a long time :(  Probably, next attack would be a year or a year and half later.

I thought the 2 batiks in the last picture would be good to use for a Japanesey quilt. Cannot wait to use it!

And thinking to make a simple red batik quilt with those that you see in the first picture, and with white solid. It will be FUN~~~~~~!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vocabulary quiz.

Every week, I get some handouts for homework from my ESL class. One of them is "Vocabulary Practice". The teacher gives a story in a few sentences and we have to finish the story using the words given by the teacher.

The story of this week is this ;

In order to eliminate the aliens that were attacking the city, Doctor Max had to demonstrate to his intellectual colleagues that his weapon was more powerful than his previous invention. His colleagues granted him the opportunity to implement his new device, but would it deceive the aliens?

And the words given are ; intuitive, prohibit, exclude

I started to write some sentences starting with "intuitive" (alternative forms are acceptable to use, like "intuitively").

Dr. Max intuitively knew his new weapon would work for deceiving the aliens from study.

Then, my housemate said,
"Dr. Max cannot
INTUITIVELY knew the weapon would work because he already studied them, even he demonstrated to his coworkers his weapon. He is trying to make it work to eliminate the aliens. Intuitive means you have some strange feeling on something without knowledge or facts or proof about it. For example, you feel like a person is telling you a lie but you don't have a reason why you feel that way, ....... "

OK. Then, how about "The aliens INTUITIVELY knew the human beings will counterattack."

"Well, that sounds better. Continue."

I again started to produce other story with the new subject of "the aliens".

The aliens intuitively knew the humans would counterattack. They also could realize the humans would produce weapons since they expected the humans would get together at the area where they are now.
This planet had been occupied by the aliens for centuries before the humans were created. They excluded the area from the attack to protect their God since their ancestors built a shrine under the ground. Even any of aliens were prohibited to get in the shrine until all other creatures become extinct.

My housemate continued to give me corrections....,
"It doesn't make sense to me at all. Where the Dr. Max and his coworkers gone? Why suddenly "humans"? The aliens cannot REALIZE the human would produce the weapons, they have already made one and making better one. How did they figure out the previous one didn't work? Isn't it because they tested it already? What does "the aliens expected the humans get together at the area where they are now" mean? The humans are already in the area, this sentence is talking about future. The aliens are now attacking the city, right? Why "Planet"? What does "Even any of aliens" mean? What do you want to say with this phrase? Just say "All" is fine, isn't it.... ", etc, etc.

We laughed, laughed, laughed and laughed, and explained everything I had on my mind to make all sense though, it's hard for me to rewrite the sentences after all these mess.

I had been working on this vocabulary quiz since this morning, and it was already early evening when my housemate started to pay attention to my homework.

Well, I think I can rewrite all stories made up with my imagination to make it sense, but I have to put it on a piece of paper, there is not enough space for that. Moreover, this practice is for vocabulary. I cannot take more time for this homework :( I have to write one 4-5 paragraphs narrative essay this week again. (plus, grammar homework)

Well...., it's fun, I think....

P.S. I got "pass" on my first narrative essay that I submitted last week :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Frozen Wine

Forgot to take out the wine bottle left in freezer for hours, and this happened.
The taste wasn't changed because of frozen, I think, still it was enjoyable.

My friend found old bottles in the cabinet and we opened some. One was already ruined, turned to be vinegar, but this vintage (? almost 30 years old) wine in the 3rd picture was GREAT!! Mellow and fruity! This was my first time to try vintage wine.

Wine always add nice taste to a good time, isn't it :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Children's Home Adoption Celebration

Saturday, March 5, 2011 / 1-5pm
University of Minnesota Fieldhouse
1800 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis

I received one message from a volunteer lady wondering if I am interested in donating my Korean Alphabet quilt kit for silent auction, to Korean adoption festive which is held in March. She offered me to send my business cards for business promotion so that people who saw the auction could contact me later. So I made the business cards for only this festival. My original business cards doesn't say anything about Korean alphabet quilt, however, since this festival is for Korean adoption, I thought I would put Korean alphabet quilt on it as a main product. I am interested in what bidding price people put on the kit, hopefully the volunteer lady will let me know after the festival...


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enjoying to draw notes.

Found myself I have been having fun to "draw" taking notes.

I don't remember since when, I like to use a ballpoint pen to write something down. For me, it is not supposed to be a pencil or mechanical pencil, or a pen, to write down, it has to be a ballpoint pen. If the ballpoint pen is made in Japan, I am really happy. The pen should be a free gift from a company that was used for business promotion. I think I have never purchased a ballpoint pen when I lived in Japan, because I always had a free gift pen anywhere.

I think a thick pen is popular in this country. Many people use 0.7 for mechanical pencils or sometimes 0.9, but to use 0.5 is common in Japan. Accordingly other kind of pens are too thick for me, also ballpoint pens. It might be hard to find a right ballpoint pen for me after I spend all pens that I brought from Japan. I may have to ask my mother to send me some from Japan ;-p or just get used to use a thicker pen.

I feel like it is like drawing a picture or playing piano when I write something with a ballpoint pen even it is letters, especially when there are a lot to write. I enjoy to see a little history later how I wrote it, and made a mistake, since I cannot erase it. I have to accept everything how and what I wrote on the note. It is like a life, isn't it.

Friday, February 04, 2011

2 Quilts and some...

2 quilts and one set of place mat, individual mat are ready for sale though...., I don't have time to take pictures for listings and the weather is not perfect for taking pictures...

Since I started taking an English class at community college, my life got much busier. I didn't expect this much assignments, still being in confusion. I am learning how to write essay in English, and learning grammar. It is interesting to learn English in proper way with some text books by a professional teacher, I am now remembering how I studied in Japan when I was a teen. I have been doing something for my English little by little every nights, taking class is a lot different from just studying by myself because there is a due. You really need to push yourself harder, which is very good. To start something new is exciting and some fear, but I believe I know better how I can enjoy and deal with it than when I was younger.

I am looking forward to seeing improved English skill in myself after this class is over. Really.... (>_<)...