Thursday, May 26, 2011


Since I had applied Financial Aid for my college education (English class), I was waiting a day to be awarded. And it came a few days ago. All tuition fees I had paid in the past this year will be reimbursed from Grant. NICE.

I enrolled Web design course additionally in the last minute, since it is FREE ;D using Grant. And, since each semester has a limitation how much I can spend, the free money will be gone if I didn't use.

Grant pays for text books, too. I don't have to look for used books at the lowest price anymore :D I have been actually holding one text book borrowed from a college library for my class. So, I can return it after class is over; and, I don't have to pay even a penny for the textbook; but, it is a bit inconvenient because the book is older edition. It is missing some parts compared to the new edition. So, I will buy NEW one! :D Wow.

I went to a college bookstore last night to buy a book for the Web design course. And found out that Grant can pay for anything in the bookstore except for food, clothes and textbooks that are not for courses I took. They carry all kinds of stuff; not only notebooks, pens and stationery, but also DVDs, Laptop computer cases, voice recorders, backpacks, fancy bags, carriers, printer inks, and some computer related items, blah-blah-blah. WOW. Really????

Then, they checked how much I can spend at the college bookstores for summer semester, it was $1,000. WOW. Really?????
But all I needed was the textbook for the Web design course, and I didn't have anything else I wanted to buy. Also, I was almost like heart attacked person, my brain didn't understand why we are allowed to get items which is really not necessary for your class. They said "Software is not available to pay from Grant". WHY? Software is necessary depends on what class you take. I will need Dream Weaver for the next level of Web Design. Doesn't make sense at all.

But anyway, I got some bunch of copy paper, notebooks, pens, and something. I will go back to the bookstore to get some computer items :D
I appreciate very much for the system paying for tuition fees and textbooks, but the government is really wasting money by letting students buy those unrelated items to classes :(

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Summer is coming.
Ants are so busy for nesting and storing food everywhere. They are a epitome of hard worker. I need to emulate them :(

I felt greens and summer yesterday helping my friend weeding her yard, and watching thousands and thousands of tiny tadpoles swimming in her pretty pond.

It was nice.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Beloved Piggy.

This piggy is somewhere in my area where I live. I don't know if this piggy is a male or a female, I intuitively feel... he is a male. 

He is a very beloved pig by the resident who own the house and him. His costume is changed for every events. This time, he was celebrating the easter, but his costume was all greens decorated clovers when the last time I saw him. He was in Christmas mode for a long time though. The bunny ears he wears now looks like a well hand made by his family. He must be an idol of the family.

How cute.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Signs and fliers.

My English class was over for this semester! :D
I have a 2 weeks break before the next class starts.
But my teacher suggested me to get textbooks for the next class earlier and start studying it in advance since the summer semester is short.

Since my class was over, I started to work on sings and fliers for the community activity. We are going to have a yard sale at the end of this month, also a pot luck a while later of the yard sale. I got some compliments from the neighbors on a sign I had made for "Spring Clean up" event :D

I like to design some sort of advertisement, such as fliers, post cards, business cards, etc. I used to work for advertisement agencies for years in Japan. I really loved the job, even though overtime work was often required.

Look at this :)

It is an old edition though, my friend gave this to me~~! Happy~~~!
When I was working for the advertise agencies, the companies really didn't want to buy this kind of art clips because it is expensive!!
Well, usually it's hard to find exactly what you want, even from the 600,000 art clips on the 29 CDs, but it's very convenient for making fliers :D

So, I am going to explore this for our community yard sale fliers and signs :)
Fun :D