Monday, December 31, 2012

Cat Pillows

While being in between the party and the party, I made three thick pillows for S's cats, Sonny & Chloe. I really appreciate them for providing me great entertainment every day. They are very useful for me.

He did not know what was going on yet.... but, found it quickly.

Seemed he liked the materials. I got it probably at 20 cents for the whole piece from the remnant section of Jo-Ann.

The back and the front of the pillows (inside out). I used fleece fabric also.

He already liked it.

The inner part of the pillow.
Since the polyester filler was not smooth, I made another layer, lining, with polyester batting inside of the inner pillow so that they would feel less bump. The filler came from S which she saved and stored for years from something.

It was quilted broadly.

He really liked the feature pillow. I had a hard time to get rid of him from the pile of the pillows when I needed them to proceed to the next procedure.

The completed part of the pillow. He already loved it....

He did not even try to leave from it when I was making the edges...

Somehow, I finished two of them around 3:30am on the 25th. I put them in a bag to make it look like a gift, and put the bag under the Christmas tree.

Found his sister Chloe also loved it before giving it to her - she is sitting on the third one which had not completed yet.

Well, they both love to follow squirrels as well.

I'm now very happy for being able to give them something they like :)

Young Couple

So, on the next day!
The young couple who will marry in April 2013 invited us - R & me - to their family Christmas gathering :)

I am happy for the groom who finally found the only bride for him! She is excellent!! She is pretty & beautiful, settled, a good cook, smart, and conservative. I like these conditions! GOOD!

What I screamed about on that day was,

She said she saw the little Santa Clause on the Pinterest and thought they are pretty. See, how pretty she is :D :D :D

Since I have learned they both like Sakura, Cherry Blossoms, I made a little package for them to send from my etsy shop. I also love Sakura!

I'm looking forward to their wedding. Weddings always make me happy since seeing happy people makes me happy :)

Fancy Night

I had a lot in the last week!

It started with the Christmas party hosted by my friend who has a beautiful garden. She is the lady who provides me a lot of vegetables and basil. My pesto made with her basil a few months ago, there were a lot, had already gone, I really enjoyed them very much.

So here she is :)

It was a very cozy party with familiar people, but the special note of this party was that I was able to meet her daughter for my first time. I appreciate her for inviting us - R & me.

This kind of pleasant atmosphere let me drink more than usual, probably for many people, also it does not get me drunk. That is one of the wonderful parts of parties especially when with cozy people.

I loved her Christmas tree. It was just right size, not too small and not too big. The icy ornaments were pretty!

The main food was cheese fondu! We had fun to play with cheese :D I thought cheese fondu is perfect for a party because it brings us fun conversations as well as enjoying the food itself.

Everybody wondered what this is. Pointy cauliflower! I thought it look like hair of Indian Buddha. Japanese Buddha has round face and body... he is fat. Indian Buddha is slim.

Anyway the Buddha hair cauliflower tasted the same as the normal cauliflower :)

The desert was chocolate fondu! High calorie!! But it was GOOD!!!

She provided us a wonderful start of the week. I will write about the next day after this post :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Completely HOLIDAY!

It is holidays! Luncheons and parties are everywhere :D
My holidays started with a holiday party of the toastmasters group.

After I learned a little of making a speech in this semester, I decided to practice to speak in front of people and to join the local toastmasters group with S (hopefully) and R. It will be good for interviews, and writing essays, etc. Taking a public speaking class is too much for me at this point. I was advised by my faculty adviser to take a class "acting for the camera" in this spring semester in order to gain confidence, also.

After couple of luncheons, this semester was completely over with good grades :D I'm a little tired of fighting with the pressures of keeping good grades, but this is an excellent way of self-discipline. I don't know when I lose the conflict with myself, but will do my best.

My heaven days started with Korean alphabet quilt orders.
This (below) is a sample of the quilt.

And, tracing alphabet patterns on Under-Wander with beer and Japanese drama watching on the internet for free :D What a peaceful moment!! I truly love it.

And, S's birthday lunch. Her birthday is actually the beginning of November. We usually do something for her birthday, but her lovely daughter came home driving up 3 hours for one way to celebrate her birthday, so we gave up to do something on time this time. S and R suggested me to wait until my school is over, so finally we had a lunch together :)

S always eat a little.

R does not care to mix main food and desert. He loves sweet.

I eat a lot more than people expect :-p

And, my naughty boy loves R.

Since it is holidays, I got a lot of wet food for them for my Sunday event. S actually prefer to give her cats only dry food, but she let me give them wet food every Sundays since I love to watch them eating wet food. They get more excited when they have wet food than dry food. It's fun to watch.

I usually pick the blue box since it has the cans that contain more protein than the pink box, but I wanted to give them various texture and taste. I know they do not care, only I care. I get excited when I go to a pet depertment imaging they may like the all kinds of food sold there. I know they do not care, and all the pet products are there for satisfaction to human beings.

We have several holiday parties around the Christmas day, and I got unusual bottles of beer to take :D :D :D :D :D How nice. Holiday season is nice!

And, R gave me a Christmas gift.

A long turner! I think I wanted this probably for about 2 years, but could not find a favorite one. R remembers almost everything I want or need even when I do not remember, he had kept bringing up the candidate of turner every time he found the one I may like. I loved the similar one belongs to S. She let us use all kinds of her kitchen tools, but I finally got it for myself :D :D

So, my holidays are cozy, pleasant, fun, comfortable, and happy :D :D :D :D I appreciate all people who contribute all kinds of elements of happiness to me. Thank you very much :)

Hope you have a GREAT one, too!