Sunday, January 27, 2013

A quilt for men

So, I had a desire to make a quilt for men for a while - maybe for a year.
The color I wanted to use as a base is light gray, and I was collecting fabrics for that. But, could not determined what pattern is good for the quilt.

I saw this pattern at the Connecting Thread the other day. It said "I am the one."

So, I started to cut the fabrics and made the first circle with them.

Ummmmm. What do you think?
Individual block, it is not a block yet though, gives different impression than when it become a quilt top. I think I go further a little more.

Two color choices for the back ground - navy blue or light gray -.
I think Americans would prefer navy blue because it makes contrast. My preference is light gray. Either way, I need to order the fabric.

I thought beige might be good either, but it may look like a little feminine. Natural white would be too boring. Or, choose natural white and use beige or light gray thread for quilting - might be weird. The center circle is going to be light brown. Ummm.

By the way.
Today's lunch was good! I think I was able to serve it nicely.
Mushrooms + romaine, eggs + tomato + hummus, and the cheese cake, baked with my rice cooker, with whip cream!

It was GOOD :D :D
The cheese cake was delicious.....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Japanese Yukata Quilt

It took a long to post the pics of my second quilt that I had made in the winter break. This quilt was made very quickly. As you can see, it is very simple :D

Last night, I baked a cheesecake with a rice cooker following the recipe made by a Japanese man, Nario Yasu. It has been a while since a rice cooker is used for not only cooking rice but also baking a cake, cooking soup, etc. Since it is easy and 99% of Japanese in Japan have a rice cooker at home, recipes using a rice cooker are very popular.

The taste and texture were very similar to the one baked in an oven, but was not quite. But, I think this is great considering how easy to make! I will make this again :)

I do not post the recipe here because I am not sure if you have a rice cooker - the modern one! - if you are interested, please let me know so that I can translate the recipe for you :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crocheted Blanket

The other day, my friend gave me a lot of yarns.

I needed to have a crocheting project to take to the trip to Pittsburgh and North Carolina to visit R's families and relatives around the Christmas holiday. I like S's crocheted blanket and with the yarns my friend gave me, I thought it would be the perfect project to take - and, yes, it was.

We expected to drive around 30 hours total for this trip. I thought the blanket would be done by coming home though, it was an wrong idea.

This is what I have done during the trip.

Because it is LONG. I am now afraid of the yarns I have are not enough for the blanket :(

The day we left for the trip was when the snow storm came.

It usually takes around 5 hours one way to Pittsburgh. On that day, it took 11 hours. I saw literally many cars broken or being stuck on the snow, towing trucks, and police cars on the way. It was not bad at all for me since I was enjoying crocheting the blanket. R enjoyed driving on the icy road since he is used to snow; he is from Pittsburgh where has a lot of snow and mountains. I crochet, crochet, crochet, and sometimes screamed. And, we laughed a lot :D His families were also laughing saying "That's R! Only he does this kind of thing! Who else in the family try to come in this snow!? I wouldn't!" It was fun!

I love this book! It is like a bible of crochet patterns. I picked some patterns from this book for my blanket, and keep changing the patterns every a few rows. It looks complicated patterns afterwards, doesn't it :)

Well, I am not sure when my blanket will be done. I will continue working on it on every trip :)

Antique Handkerchief Quilt

Finally, my original quilt after a long time! - and, my school life starts tomorrow again.

This winter break was fantastic! I had a lot of fun, lots of work, a new challenge, and new experiences. At the beginning of this break, I expected to be able to sew more quilts for my shop, but it ended up just completing two quilts.

Here is one of them - Antique Handkerchief Quilt.

I posted more pictures of this quilt on my Flickr. If you are interested in, please check there also.

This quilt was very fun to work with since I love girly things!
I think it was the last summer that I picked around 20 antique handkerchiefs at yard sale. I thought I would make a quilt and some small items - made a drawstrings bag so far.

The handkerchiefs are antique. Some of them have a little stains and I think it is making the quilt more attractive. Also, since some were a little worn, I sew them onto normal cotton for quilts and made them into two layers to make the material durable.

It took longer to quilt than normal quilts because of the laces.
My darning foot catches thread loops :( I often had to stop quilting to avoid the mess from this.

For the same reason, I do not like to use basting thread to baste a quilt. It catches the thread while quilting.

The second quilt I have made is a simple Japanese quilt using pieces from Yukata, kind of kimono, fabric. Since I wanted to use all the pieces I had, it unexpectedly became large. It can completely cover a queen size bed with drapes - so, it is a queen size, I think.

The pictures of the completed quilt have not been taken yet. I will post them later :D