Thursday, September 29, 2011

Better this week.

The homework on my composition class was increasing the amount, and surprised to see how thick the pile of paperwork is. Fun.

Fortunately, 30 errors, I got from the first essay, was decreased to 12 errors on my second essay. It means less work! :D :D :D My teacher keeps saying that "You guys still have 12 essays to work on! Keep doing the homework I give you will lead you to pass the class! Don't worry!" I want to believe her :(

She suggested me to write a shorter essay, which means less mistakes. But it's kind of hard to make it shorter when I have something to write. It is difficult for me to control the length of a essay. When I don't have much ideas of the topic I was given, it can be really short, but it would not be acceptable for teachers as a 5 paragraph essay. In an opposite manner, when I have a lot of ideas of the topic, I naturally cannot stop writing :( Organizing the articles I write and writing essays in grammatically correct English are obviously different skills :( The essay turned in this week became longer (5 pages with double line spacing) (>_<), which I may get more errors.

By the way, I saw something shocked me in the class.

One Korean girl brought her Korean friend to the class. He was reading a book.

"The last juror" written in Korean......, which students who takes the Reading class, which is the same of my class, are supposed to read it written in ENGLISH.

I was so shocked why I didn't even think of that! I think I can get it written in Japanese since the author is very popular. But at the same time, there is no meaning for her/him to take the Reading class when they don't read an English book.
I don't want to waste my money for tuition (it's paid from financial aid though). We pay expensive tuition for being educated, not for nothing.

I envy their idea, though. I wish I could be brave like him :(
I will keep working this week, too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I had the first okura from my little garden this morning :D :D :D :D :D
It was a baby ten days ago.

Here is my first edible (I hope) okra :D

I will eat it tonight :D
I am looking forward to sharing my okuras with my friend who always share her harvest with me. So, waiting for the babies grow one after another.

I made a little pin cushion with a little wooden coffee cup just before going to bed last night. It is very convenient to have such a little pin cushion next to my computer or anywhere to sew. Very cute, isn't it :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Who told me the Washington D.C. is...

I think it was my English teacher in the Junior high school who told us that Washington D.C. is a part of the Washington state and D.C. means "a part of". According to her, the partial Washington state was moved to next to the Virginia state down to south so that the car's number plates have the name of Washington.

Well. I believed that story until today. Since I have been learning a little of American history in my English classes, I lately often talk with my house mates about American history, most are questions. They are very knowledgeable as being able to answer to my questions with extra related events and backgrounds. This is very interesting for me to learn how today's American society was born, how Americans became today's Americans. At the same time, I enjoy Japanese historical drama on-line VERY much so that I can link Japanese history and world histories. Thanks to our ancestors, today's societies were generated. Our world still has a lot of problems; but, much better than 200 years ago compared to unstable societies. As long as human nature is not changed, it will be never changed, histories will be repeated. But, thanks to the development of civilization, the belief of freedom changed the world a lot. I am very happy about this.

Anyway, thanks to my house mate, I could know the fact about Washington D.C. Since the Washington state was admitted to the Union after the D.C. was permitted as the capital of US in the constitution, it is impossible for D.C. to be curved from the Washington state :(

I wish I could see the English teacher in my junior high school, and ask her about this ;-p

Speaking of the English class of my junior, it was like military style.
The class was like :
She comes in the classroom, and tells us "Stand up!"
We stand up.
She asks us "How are you?!"
We answer "Fine, And you?!"
She says "Fine." and "Sit down!"
We sit down, and the class begins.

Funny. Ha ha ;-p

Friday, September 16, 2011

Long way to go.

I received corrections of my first essay (for the composition class) from my teacher.
It made me sick.

Total three pieces of paper. The second paper is worse.

And, BIG "F".

30 errors have to be reduced to less than 10 errors to pass this class.

My composition teacher is very practical. I think her way is very good to make students work hard, also she is working hard for students. As one of the assignments, I have to rewrite this essay, and write the parts I made mistakes 5 times to memorize correct grammar. I do remember how I practiced "Kanji (Japanese characters adopted from China)" in my childhood. Just wrote them repeatedly so many times on a note book until memorizing them. And, if I don't want to practice hard, just don't make mistakes, which is making sense very much.

Big problems with the teacher are, .... it might be rude to say, but it's hard for me to read her handwriting, take a long time to analyze what she meant. And, she has an accent. Sometimes it's hard to keep up the class. Thanks to other students who speak up, she occasionally repeats what she said, and I can be with her.

Quilting topic next.

Here is my new quilt.

The title is "Sunny Days". I described Sun on the orange-yellow color, trees are in between of Sun(s), the sky is above, and the field is below. Not sure what I wanted to do with the white parts. I just thought it would be nice to have whites. Maybe it could be "hopes" :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Writing letters with my favorite pen makes my day.

I am not picky at all for most things, but for pens, paper for particular cases, and tooth brushes.

I was happy to find my favorite Japanese pens sold in the USA, though... It cost $2.50 - $3.00, additionally they are not sold at local stores :( So, got to go online, which means shipping is added to the product price.

Using ebay is not my favorite since so many sellers don't do proper job. But because of the price, I thought I would take a chance...

Including shipping the cost per a pen was brought down to $1.25 :D I had to buy a bulk, though, I am so very happy that I don't have to worry about looking for pens for a while :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quilted Tote bag - Pastel Hand Dyed Canvas

So, I made the tote! (Continued from the previous post)
Sewed and sewed like hell...

I made three totes in the same design.
The second one is this.

The third one is this.

When I started making them, there was something unique on my mind, though.
They ended up being ordinary bags which could be easily found at a souvenir shop of contemporary art museum... Ummm.....

Anyway, I made them. So, I will be away from the hand dyed fabrics for a while, and think something else to make.

Last night when I was doing my assignments of my English class, I started to feel like Coffee Cup shaped coasters with Japanese fabrics. I looked for Japanese Ume - plum flower - fabrics from my collection.
Here is the result.

I made those with Japanese Kasuri fabrics also. They will be listed at my shop soon :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In the mess...

Since my classes started, I have been anyway doing what I have to do in order in busyness. Sometimes I get upset because of my poverty of organizing skills, but I am getting used to the routines for the classes, and things are settling down. My latest most concern is that I may eventually drop the classes since I have met 3 students who is taking the same class twice.... and, they are much younger than me... who are supposed to be able to do better. All I can do is anyway doing my best, though.

I cleaned my living space today, and found hair irons in a mess in the container. Since I seldom use them, it wasn't my priority at all to organize them. Anyway, I made drawstrings bags for them :D

So, I don't have to be frustrated to fight with the cords every time taking one of them from the container.

Now, thinking to make some tote bags that I have neglected for a long time with those materials.

I picked them up at give away section at the quilting meeting. They are hand-dyed canvas fabric.

I better do when I thought of it, because I never know what happens in future, may get very busy and have enough time to forget the project itself :( Ummm.