Thursday, September 18, 2008


I received one message from my friend last night.
Her bunny Naru has passed away in the Tuesday morning at the age of 11. Naru had been sick with some health problems since he was a baby. Even new problems were found one after another especially in the last few years. My friend kept working with the dependable vet for resolving his health problems, for giving him better quality of life.

I know how she has been feeling since her baby has gone. I went through all this experience 2 years ago, when I lost my rabbit Charlie. He had been sick as well, my husband and I did anything we could for him. But he also went across the rainbow bridge. He still doesn't release me, catching my mind tightly. He was my everything at that time. It's been 2 years... already 2 years? only 2 years? I don't know.

I should expect that Naru would go back to the moon, since I often check her blog written about Naru. He was really getting weaker and weaker in the last month. I was feeling like my friend and her bunny would stay in alive together forever even I see him getting worse. But I also knew he would be gone soon in my experience.

I was very shocked about Naru's death as I felt like I heard the sound of my heart pumping, when I read the message from my friend. At the same time, tons of the memories with Charlie came back and filled my heart, again cannot stop to cry time to time.

I drunk a lot of beer last night to make myself sick or to make myself sleep. Either way my brain would stop thinking about the bunnies, and I was supposed to get back to normal mental condition today. But it didn't go well :(

I was planning to join the big quilting group meeting for today, but had to give it up since I wasn't feeling well (yes, sure :( because of beer) and I was still upset, could not get up enough ealier this morning.
Also I thought it's a good idea to help my husband, since he was working hard for the house renovation. Oh, he found another bunch of wasps nests.

Here they are :(

They were active nest this time. They were in the empty roof space of the bay window. My husband made a small hole on the ceiling board, sprayed bug killer from the hole, and waited for a while. We shouldn't have the wasp problem next year..., I hope.

My friend sounds like still just being in confusion for not being with Naru anymore. All of her spare time was spent for Naru, and she said she doesn't know what to do thinking why Naru passed away. Hope her storm of the grief doesn't stay with her long time. Although I was lucky about I had 3 more rabbits when I lost Charlie, Naru was the only one for her.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Pillowcase dress

My friend's daughter wearing a pillowcase dress I made!

My friend lives in Japan now, I met her at the English conversation club in my area of the USA. She lived in the USA for 2 years, and went back to Japan. It is very interesting her daughter's birthday is Dec. 26, 2008, that was the day of the D & C surgery for me, and also our anniversary. It's just a coincidence, but I feel like something special for her daughter. I unfortunately haven't seen her daughter in person though. She gave the daughter a birth in Utah after moved from Virginia, then went back to Japan.

I don't have any human children, so I don't have a model for my pillowcase dress. I am very happy to see the dress fitted her daughter! :)

Playing Outside the Block

This is the quilting group I belong to. I am a quiet member because of my English speaking problem (hearing skill is much better than speaking), but the ladies are very patient for me, positively try to understand what I speak, talk to me nicely, I appreciate it very much. I am kind of a listener even when I am with my Japanese friend. I can speak well when my mood is for "speaking", but I cannot even explain about something well when my mood is "not speaking". So this personality is helping me to be quiet.


Lisa Ellis have made a wonderful website of the group!

Playing Outside the Block

The pictures were taken by Priscilla Stultz.
The block I made is shown on the website :)


I use my bread machine almost everyday!
Here is my first home-made pizza.

It was delicious like PapaJohns Pizza, which is my husband and my favorite!
Although my husband strictly avoids any kind of oil and fat because of the health problem (high blood pressure, high cholesterol), he sometimes eats pizza.

This is a picture of dough. Yeast worked so hard to make flower rise, it was very soft and even look like it's already baked!

My life has been built on people's kindness.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Perfect Bread!

How exciting!
I have been finally able to bake the bread, not "something like a bread", thanks to Cyndi! I was lucky enough to have a comment from her, which offered me "a no-fail recipe" without eggs, milk, and butter!

Here is the result I had. It's perfect!!

The dough was enough swelling during the time for "rising", my expectancy was swelling too! But I was still worrying about it may shrink since I had that experience before. When I found it went well, I called my husband, his first voice was "WOW, nice texture!!", and he finished most of the bread in a day -- hope he doesn't get fatter --. Now we can add some vegetables or fruits to the ingredients, enjoy some variations!
Thank you very much, Cyndi for stopping me to give up baking bread!! Woooo, I am glad! :D :D :D

We are going to have the storm with the hurricane Hanna tomorrow. Hope it will change the scale smaller and streak across the land to the ocean. I may better to prepare for in the case of power fail.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bread Maker

Glad to hear that the hurricane Gustav didn't bring huge damages than we expected to Louisiana this time. I have a Japanese friend who moved to Tennessee after experienced Katrina. Her husband's family didn't evacuate this time.
I didn't know where she lived at that time (we met on the internet), I didn't even connect her to Katrina, just wondering how she is doing after she stopped to post on the website we met. It was miracle I could see her again at the other website, we both uses different name there, but once I saw her quilt in a picture I recognized it's her.

She also has a Etsy shop. It's closed now, but would be opened soon.

Siam Square

Please check out her shop and check the sold items for future, you may find something you like. She would take custom order when the shop is opened :)

About Bread maker.
Since my friend gave me a bread maker, my husband and I keep making bread one after another. He was so excited when he knew my friend gave it to me. (I didn't know he wanted it.) He looked up internet to find some recipes that don't use eggs and butter.

Unfortunately, All of the breads we made are so hard! Inside is still acceptable, but outside is like a rock! This is my first time to make a bread, I have never ever done it. One lady told me that how to make sure if the yeast is active, and I think it is alive, it made tiny bubbles in warm water with sugar.

The breads that too hard to eat become food for birds...
It's hung down from a tree in my back yard like this, ha-ha.
My husband hanged it for me where I can see it from the kitchen.

This is a corn banana bread :( Inside was too dry and outside is too firm, couldn't eat :(
We added some roosts to it :D

After the corn banana bread, I tried beans bread changing ingredients a little.
I asked my husband if birds can eat beans expecting the bread would be again so hard. He said "It doesn't matter. Birds cannot figured out if it's beans or plant's seeds. They will eat." -- beans are also seeds though --, I meant I don't want the birds to be sick because of the bread though :(
The beans bread is enough edible, although I had to remove the outside :(