Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Very Latest Quilting Work

Top made by M!

I love this kind of taste - girly, flowers, lace, pink, etc - because I know what to do with them :)
I am very happy M loved my quilting :D

My 2nd Latest Remarkable Quilting Work

Top made by J!
She said she was pretty much bored while she could not walk because of a foot surgery, and created this beautiful top, and I quilted it :)

Took 10 hours for quilting with my regular sewing machine, but she took 2 months to complete.

I enjoyed it very much :D

Always feel so good after I did my best :)

R's BD.

We had R's birthday the last weekend.

We were talking about eating out, but I cooked special hamburg instead since ground meat which was supposed to be cooked 2 days ago was left in the refrigerator. I am lucky to have him who always eat anything I cook saying "GOOD!!"

BD means a gift for most people, and it does for us as well, but we both cannot think what we want (for each other's birthday), and end up no gift. We both look for necessary things for dairy life, but we are pretty much content, so "I cannot think of what I want" because what we want and what we need are different. I guess we are just realistic.

So, here is the hamburg. My friend Nancy contributed a lot for this dish from her garden :)

And, a cake (with my taste).

And, a gift from S (I understand this was for "us", not only for "him").

Also, he was busy with talking with his friends who called him to wish a happy birthday :)

We had a nice weekend :D :D :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Over, Over, OVER!!

A Public speaking class is over, finally, today!
It was a 6 weeks class; a speech a week! It of course required researches from credible sources, a bibliography, and an outline to be turned in each speech. When a speech proceeded time requirement, the prof. cut the speech and grade on what was presented. You could not reach the conclusion? - too bad.

I really could not wait today imaging how happy I would be after being liberated!

But, I actually miss the class a little. Public speaking is so stressful but I also enjoyed it feeling my improvement little by little through every speech. I learned following a format of speech is very important to make the audience understand your message easier and better. Public speaking is also a form of arts that humans created! It requires all kinds of techniques.

So! I will be back to meetings of Toastmasters as an active member. My next speech will be on July 9, and am thinking to talk about something related to the Independence day because a table topic on that meeting is the Independence day.

I now feel less nervous for this meeting because my speech is not graded (receive advices and critiques from other members instead), it is not cut in the middle even go over time requirement (still need to be aware of it though), no outline and bibliography are required to be turned in!! EASIER! (I hope. I should say "less work.")

My worry will be focused on only Statistics from now on!

OH, and!

My customer who I made 2 Japanese quilts a few years ago contacted me to order another one!
He sent me bunch of tenugui (japanese face towel) and Japanese fabrics for it. He said he wants to use the tenuguis as the backing, but I want to use tenugui for its front.... (my feeling does not matter though)

And, how sweet he is to include a gift for me!

:D :D :D :D :D

This week will be still excited and busy with things, but I hope things will be settled down within 2 weeks.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Flying Ant stuck between pages

It was so funny that I could not stop to write about him.

I do not know what he was thinking about, but he flew into the pages when I was turning pages of a book.

He could not remove his head out from the pages and was struggling while I was taking this picture of him.

After being released, he looked a little dizzy. He could not walk straight.
After some seconds, he started to take care of his antenna.
Probably he was doing that for a few minutes - I thought it was a long time.

After that, he started to walk around on my computer desk, and flew away.


Have a nice weekend!

Charity Quilts

People leave all kinds of quilt blocks, fabrics, and other crafty materials on a giveaway table. I collect fabrics that can be used for charity quilts from there. I can learn American color schemes and trends (could be an old trend) through this activity by checking what people have (had) and playing with colors that is not my taste. It's a good practice of coloring.

Since the fabrics on a giveaway table are usually not my taste, I seldom have good fabrics that can go with them. It's actually hard to make a quilt with limited colors. I often think "If I could buy some fabrics to coordinate with these, it is so easy." But making charity quilts without buying fabrics is my rule.

I used to donate batting, but actually Quilters Unlimited gave me a big roll of batting recently.

I most of the time make quilts for kids so that I can enjoy different worlds one after another.

So, here are 4 charity quilts recently made out of materials from a giveaway table.

I collected blocks in similar color saturation and made each block's size to the same size, and added borders to them. I mimicked my friend's color scheme for this one :)

Blue borders.

Quilters Unlimited gave away packs of 5" charms. I think many members used them for a charity quilt.

Pastel Quilt.

My most favorite among them is the black border one.
It took a while, but I enjoyed making it very much.

Be happy, and be productive! :D