Saturday, September 19, 2015

Roanoke Farmers Market.

It was a very gorgeous Saturday! Many people suggested us to go to farmers market in downtown Roanoke, so we finally did.

We found something interesting for later :D
We love history.

Items sold at the farmers market were mostly food and craft items as well.

I found a small rosemary that I was looking for since my classmate told me that rosemary increase human memory when inhaled before studying. I went to HomeDepot first a week ago, but they did not have it.

A beer store. They had a locally brewed beer. Interesting to see the package of their version of "We Can Do It!"

A beeswax shop was selling candles and I got the three - Asian religious figures. I am not sure if I can call them Buddha. The fat one is obviously not, maybe the female one is not as well.

Their calm (and laughing) faces give me a psychological relief. I actually want to have a real one at home so that I can talk to him/her when I am stuck, but it's impossible. I believe this is the same thing as that of Christians talk to God or read the bible. I love Jesus, and Muhammad as well.

After the farmer's market, R finally had his first experience with the second hand book store that he wanted to go. This is his dream world, I think. He wants to make his own library at home, and we are heading toward that way.

I found a Japanese book :)

I am getting used to my new university. I now see the life pattern on campus, and am out of chaos. So far, 2 tests are done already, and were not bad.

I have been thinking about starting a "quilting club" to teach young (and adult) girls how to make a quilt. Sewing skill is practical, and it makes their life a lot different if they find a pleasure in sewing. A problem is, I do not have a sewing machine for the members. Maybe, get a cheapest machine for the club and share it among them. I got a free locker on campus thinking of the possibility. If they got interested enough in sewing, they would get it by themselves.

Exciting :)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Life!

I had a very exciting day yesterday! - The orientation day at Hollins University, where I transferred to from Northern Virginia Community College.

It was an awesome summer this year.
I visited Japan at the end of May for 2 weeks, and had a "lot." It was an intensive trip. I am really glad on my decision for going back after a long time.

My nephews - very precious shot!

A week after my return, I had a meeting with the NOVA scholarship committee to receive a scholarship. Even though, I was still in Japan on the official date of receiving the scholarship, they allowed me to receive it later - so I am not in the pictures of the receivers which is on NOVA website. I think total 8 people got $$.

R & I then started to look for a house for rent or buy in Roanoke, VA, where Hollins University is located. This school is famous for writing. It is a private traditional small school for girls. I initially planed to transfer to George Mason University because it was convenient for me, but I sought for being connected to a small community which would let me learn more about American culture and people. Hollins' tuition is more than double of Geroge Mason; however, scholarships from Hollins and Grant made possible for me to go.

We are now getting settled in "our" home where is about 15 min from the university. Roanoke itself is a very small city. Everything is very close, and much less chaos compared to Fairfax, VA. I am so impressed by cleanness of back of shopping centers where is usually so dirty. We moved in here the beginning of August, and I have been enjoying to make our nest comfortable :)

R owns thousands of books (I feel that way). His priority was to get book cases to organize his books.

We got them through Craig lists, cleaned and painted. R is a sander & I am a painter :)

Now the book cases are full. R probably needs another 3 sets of them.

I am enjoying sewing projects.
We got a table and chair set at GoodWill :D

Since we have too many bath towels, I made some to be foot mats.

We did not have room for pillows - they take a lot of room! -, now I can have more pillows :D
This one was my favorite shirt in my 20s.

We got a too big yard. It is really not necessary for us, but it came with the house and was not avoidable. I am very happy to have the clotheslines though! It is very useful to take pictures of quilts.

The quilt hanging here is a T-shirt quilt recently made for my friend.

What else? Since so much are going on with us, I cannot write about all. Anyway, we are so happy and enjoying life :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pizzelle Week!

I baked a lot of pizzelles this week, for giving away to NOVA faculties as my routine of end of semester and for donation to Japanese support community.
The first group of pizzelles was vanilla flavor since some of the faculties do not favor anise.

I visited main departments looking for the faculties who supported me. I was able to see many of my favorite people and was happy.

I thought I made enough pizzelles, but my very favorite librarian could not get it…

So, I promised her to return with more pizzelles later.

The second group of pizzelles were donated to Japanese community that had a fundraising bazzar today. I mixed with Matcha (green tea) powder in the dough since Japanese like Matcha; we use Matcha in ice cream, pound cake, cheese cake, etc as well.

I asked the people of the community who were selling Japanese food for including my pizzelles.

Their cooked food was YUMMY!

I love frofuki daikon (Japanese white radish).

I helped to make Sakura Mochi for sale :)

Sakura Mochi is Japanese sweet. It is designed from Cherry blossom. Mochi is made from sticky rice and has sweet bean paste inside. The leaf wrapping half of the mochi is a real salt marinated Sakura leaf. We love mochi!
Since today’s event was a fundraising, they provided me a free table to sell my quilts and small items. I was really surprised that 4 quilts (and other small items) were sold today. I donated proceed of sale.

My neighbors for today :)

I am very happy to know many people were really interested in quilts. I found two ladies who actually do quilt, but cannot do quilting, thus they have been holding their quilt tops without quilting for a long time. They promised to contact me later for business and were happy to be able to finally complete their quilts :)

They asked me if I can teach how to make quilt in the group – they offer several cultural classes for members -, and I will gladly do it if I do not have to move out of this city….

Since I bake pizzelles often, R offered me to buy larger maker that can bake 4 at once. Mine bake only 2. I cannot leave kitchen while baking pizzelles because I have to open and close the maker every 45-50 seconds. It usually takes around 3-4 hours standing (I enjoy watching Japanese drama online with my iPad though), and R felt sorry for me.

I am going back to Japan this Wednesday to see my family and friends. One of my best friends has been already busy with making plans for me connecting to other friends; I will experience my first quilt show in Japan :) ; and R signed up an online English writing class for me starting middle of June. I am already having a lot since the Spring semester is gone, and will continue it in this summer :D